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SonyBMG Suspend 'Rootkit' CD Production

Author: Aaron Roach
Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Anti-piracy software on CDs is common. If you've bought a CD within the last 12 months, chances are you've got a message on the cover saying something to the tune of 'No copy for you!' If you've bought the latest Celine Dion CD from SonyBMG, chances are your computer can become vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The company's anti-piracy software, XCP, was designed to not only prevent multiple copies of the CD being reproduced, but also prevent content transfers to an iPod. Unfortunately, it also allowed hackers to exploit other computers whose owners had installed this technology.

Due to popular demand from consumers and industry-experts, the company has decided to suspend XCP technology production. Moreover, they have released a patch that enables the user to remove the software from their computers.

On a lighter note, the publicity that's been attracted over these problems has boosted sales for struggling artists on the giant's label.