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Toronto: Home to the World's Hippest Librarians

Author: events@tranzfusion
Thursday, December 22, 2005
In a world first, The Toronto Public Library is boldly treading where no library has gone before by dedicating an entire section to electronic music and hip hop. A funding drive was organised by Toronyo venue FOOTWORK on the 17th of December whereby people dropped off their old music magazines to donate to the library.

The FOOTWORK Christmas fair was an all ages event that welcomed all people affiliated with the electronic music and hip hop scene, from dancers to artists (both musical and graffiti) and of course DJ's and singers. It wasn't just a funding for the drive, but a celebration of modern culture.

"It's a big feat but we think it's important," says owner Joel Smye. "Hopefully something like this will give kids who are interested in music but come from poor neighbourhoods a way to learn about the industry and music production."

The idea is openly welcomed by the Public Library and hope that in the future they can receive donations in the way of money to fund subscriptions to magazines recommended by FOOTWORK.

"Both hip-hop and electronic music are still very young," says co owner Phillon, "Collecting old periodicals now will get us invaluable information that is going to be lost in a couple more years,' he adds, "Can you imagine if someone had done something similar when Mozart was still alive-"

FOOTWORK is starting a petition, collecting names of people who support the initiative, and presenting that to the Toronto Public Library alongside the donations in the hope that the library will agree to accept money as well as magazines and books.

For more information about becoming a vendor or a sponsor please email Nicole Sullivan at
To add your name and email address to the petition please visit