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Author: Matt Jarvis
Monday, November 7, 2005
Simon Posford's Twisted label is set to release a whole bunch of delicious treats over the next few months, 'ave a geez at these!

Western Rebel Alliance album - New chillout album from the old-school maestro's, and apparently rather awesome!

Limited Edition Shpongle Box Set, set for a Christmas release. Containing all three Shpongle albums and a Bonus CD of bits and pieces, unreleased, unheard, unplayed and unsane. Complete with 15 pages of original artwork including contributions from all of the artists who have been involved with Shpongle over the years.

'Backroom Beats 3' is being compiled presently, it should be ready for release early next year. More info on this next month!

Prometheus' second album 'Corridor of Mirrors', is almost finished and sounds absolutely killer "though we do say so ourselves".

Twisted music in .mp3 format soon to be available from the new website and also

Pipeline (in likely order):

Shpongle Box Set (Xmas 05)
Western Rebel Alliance Album
Backroom Beats 3 - Various Artists Compilation
Prometheus 2nd Album - 'Corridor of Mirrors'
Tristan 3rd Album
Metal Sharon (Si Posford and Merv Peppler from Eat Static) 1st Album!
Younger Brother 2nd Album
Ott's 2nd Album

Twisted fans rejoice. :)