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Lotterboys- Animalia

Friday, May 5, 2006
'Animalia' is the debut album from a new musical collaboration between Fetisch (Terranova), Shapemod (Terranova) and Mack Goudy Jr. (aka Paris The Black Fu from the Detroit Grand Pubahs) - an electronic 'supergroup' if you will. Trading on the trio's collective electronic influences, 'Animalia' joins the dots between electro, punk funk, disco, indie-rock and p-funk and superbly showcases what the trio have already been doing live in clubs over the last 12 months - kicking it on the dance floor.

With a trio of singles already under their belts in the shape of Blazer, Heroine and the album opening Starwhores ,The Lotterboys unique sound is already gracing DJ sets all over the world with Mack Goudy Jr.'s unmistakable wigged-out vocals riding Fetisch and Shapemod's driving basslines like a Funkadelic space party.

DJ Fetisch and Shapemod have the pedigree of artists involved in all four corners of dance music. Having previously released three albums and a DJKicks! Mix on K7! as well as numerous 12" s , remixes and various productions including their Cosmonauts of Innerspace single on Gigolo, Terranova have been at the forefront of electronic music and art for a lot longer than many may realise. Meanwhile Fetisch is soon to launch his new label 'TNT' this summer with releases including Bonfini T-Nova vs The Glimmers and 12s from Kaos, Princess Superstar, Shapemod and an album by Snax whilst Shapemod has just released a project with Jamie Lidell called 'Psycho Freak' for Suicide Records and is working on a solo album.

Mack Goudy Jr, more commonly known as Paris the Black Fu has earned his reputation as a master of raw funk, lazy rhyming and punk mcing as the front man of the Detroit Grand Pubahs .The Detroit Grand Pubahs mission was to introduce you to techno music with a big pinch of funk and an even bigger dash of raunch. Sandwiches, their debut single that gained them worldwide notoriety, became a bonefide pop hit in a number of countries and an underground classic worldwide. Last year's second album 'Ass Creatures From Uranus' (Poker Flat) continued Paris's fixation with all things rump shaped .

Add these musical misfits together and you get the punk p-funk rockin' outfit that is the Lotterboys. From the trumpet fuelled rock of 'Blazer' and the vocoder workout of Black Sabbath cover 'Iron Man' to the slick Prince style funk of 'Cadillac and Mac' and the sheer ultra-boogieness of 'Get Down Syndrome' the Lotterboys are beamed down fresh from planet Funk to run riot on the dancefloor.

CD/LP Released 22 May on Eskimo Recordings
Distributed by Stomp.