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Laptop Battles - Get Your Nerd On More!

Author: TranZfusion
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Kids with too much time on their hands- We think maybe just a little bit, but it's another way for people to appreciate the finer art of computer skillz (I'm sorry, we had to use a 'z' to make it cooler).

According to the website, 'The laptop battle is a competitive event for laptop musicians to match their skills against one another. Battles are chosen randomly and conducted in 3-minute rounds. A panel of judges decides which contestant advances to the next round, single elimination style.

'It's a fusion of sound design, composition and stage performance, and a chance for laptop (computer) musicians to prove their skills in battle and develop techniques and strategies.'

The following Youtube clip gives you a bit of a looksee as to how it all goes down:

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