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Spend An Arvo With Laurent Garnier

Author: NewZfusion
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
A short news bite, we know, but you need to know!

Laurent Garnier is one of the most celebrated acts ever to grace the halls of the dance music building (if there was a building...there probably is somewhere).

He's in town this week to do a number of shows, but before he commits to putting us all in a flashback (you will laugh if you know!), he's spending a lazy afternoon on the radio.

Thursday - Melbourne
5.15pm - KISS FM (The Beautiful Drive with Timmy Byrne) live-to-air interview.

Friday - National
1-2 PM - TRIPLE J (Lunch with Linda Marigliano) live-to-air Interview and exclusive live mix!

Friday - Melbourne
3.15pm - RRR (Far and Wide with Steve Wide) live-to-air interview.

If you can't hear him on air, ensure you're at the parties!