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Future Music On MP3 - #3

Author: Aaron Roach
Friday, March 28, 2008
1. Ingrown Toenail Tattoo - Tattoo Envy
Described as 'blues with a twist', Ingrown Toenail Tattoo's warped out, experimental number has all the makings of a lunch between David Lynch and Dali. Very dark and very clever music that doesn't necessarily resolve any narrative - just the way the French like it.

2. La-Me Brothers - Carnivore
AC/DC meets the blues side of things - heck, ay song that comprises the line 'Let me consume you, cuz you're my type of meat' deserves a mention on any list. Don't let the humorous stylings mistake the fact that this band knows how to tie in some quality blues-rock music.

3. The Peach Tree - Psy Vampires
With a sound that harks back to the days of acid house and techno, The Peach Tree's 'Psy Vampires' makes you want to scrounge through the cupboard for the Wonky Wear and faded glowsticks. It's 'Madchester' all over again and it's well worth a listen for any fan of old school dance.

4. Nomads Of Noise - Time For A Trick
With a sound that sounds eerily familiar to that Nickelback song from last year, Nomads Of Noise capitalise on the emerging trend of rock music filtered with some decent dance riffs and basslines. (Note: Nickelback isn't good, but this isn't bad).

5. The BOLT - This Is The Time
It's currently number one on the MP3 charts, so it's worth a mention in the Top Five here on Central. With a mixture of early '90s melancholy and late '90s austerity, 'This Is The Time' is a well-crafted track complete with excellent production and it even has a didgeridoo. A lovely tune that's worth a listen or two.