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The Black Lips Escape Jail In India; New Album In May

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 10 February 2009

If you’re not familiar with The Black Lips, let’s just say their live show regularly involves band members man-making out and getting butt-naked, and the guitarist has a penchant for showing off his hands and tongue-free strumming ability. (Interpret that how you will.) Well, recently the Atlanta, Georgia punks were in India for the Campus Rock Idol tour, a sort-of Idol equivalent with massive corporate sponsors. Not impressed with the band’s antics, the sponsors pulled out, cancelling the tour and TV series, and the Lips found themselves threatened with jail-time for indecent exposure and hence fled the country. What a story, huh- Anyway, they’ve got their fifth album, 200 Million Thousand, coming out in March through Vice Records (Speak N Spell in Australia). We suggest you get familiar with them (if you’re not already) via