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'A little from Column A, and a little from Column B....' - Craig McWhinney

Author: Craig McWhinney
Monday, October 24, 2005
Hello and welcome to my new monthly column for!! I'll be sure to give brief event reviews, plug upcoming shows and also review
my favorite releases for the month including my pick of the month, all inthe field of techno... and electro... and some minimal.... I like to keep my
options open.

On Friday the 7th of October Melbourne had the honour of Speedy J & Chris Liebing presenting their 5 hour live/DJ show at the Metro, thanks to the
all-star team at Hardware. What a night!!! Up there in my top 5 of techno shows ever. Although the crowd was a little thin, the 2 big men came with the thunder, and props to the sound team; it was simply amaaaaazing!!! Special mentions to Matty Rad and Dave Pham who both played top notch sets as well.

Speaking of Mr Pham, Sunday the 9th saw him launch his new monthly night at Alia - Flower Machine. Although he hasn't been able to lock in a date for the next show yet, stay tuned for great things from Melbourne's wonderkid... with monthly guests and free entry.

I've got a huge few weeks ahead of me with Matthew Dear playing at Honkytonks on the 22nd, and Daniel Bell on the 28th at the same venue. Do I need to tell you about these guys- I hope not. Expecting to be moved in a big way.

Thomas Heckmann plays Pharmacy on Cup Eve, Lasergun on cup eve as well for their 3rd birthday, and most importantly on the 29th we've got MTC. This month sees HPS- come down from Sydney to party with us, playing his infamous live techno set, along with Matty Rad, Jimmy Rudd, Jay Reading, Dave Pham, Gene Hoffman, Ed Thomas and you guessed it.. yours truly!! Looks to be a huge night. Free entry for the pocket conscious.

Get onto it guys, if you miss some of these you'll be kicking yourself. There's been some awesome releases recently, I'm really digging the varied sounds that are around.
My top 5 are
Justice - Waters of Nazareth on Ed Banger records
T Raumschmiere - A Very Loud Lullaby (SI Begg Rmx) on
Terence Fixmer - I Swear/Resistance on Gigolo
Elton David - The Dark Onvi (Terry Mitchell Rmx) on Primal Force
and finally... my pick of the month; Carl Craig - Darkness on Planet E.

To be honest I hate having to pick just five, but in the interest of brevity, so it must be.

Thankyou for reading & be sure to check out next months ramblings if you get the chance. Hope to see you out n about in ol' Melbourne town..I'll be at
the bar.