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Mental Combat 917

Author: Blaze
Friday, 8 August 2008
Wu-Tang’s The Rza and the director of the nifty horror Cabin Fever and the torture porn Hostel films are teaming up for a US based martial art film, The Man with the Iron Fist. RZA is no stranger to films with most of his contributions being for soundtracks, but this time he will be in the director’s seat after having written the screenplay himself. Roth of course provided the best trailer in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double-feature Planet Terror and Death Proof for his unmade slasher flick Thanksgiving. So all up the talent involved is all top notch, but making a quality film isn’t easy. Let’s hope they get some decent martial artists and leave the Hollywood fight editing out. Some nice Shaw Brothers scope would be nice. Wonder what ever happened to his Bobby Digital blaxploitation film- Count me down for a seat at the premiere.

One of the judges from American Idol broke out with his own show early this year Randy Jackson’s Best Dance Crew. Not sure if the MTV show was shown here on cable, but unfortunately series one was definitely not shown on free-to-air and the current follow-up series probably won’t be either, but thankfully for the world of torrents you can download them. The show comprises of dance crews with 5-7 members, so naturally that would include a heap of b-boy crews and yes it does. The Jabbawookeez won the first series. Sure some of the dancers are a bit fruity and theatrical, but nice to see the b-boys given the opportunity outside of the solo arena.

The Wackness is a crap title for a hip-hop film, but it’s getting good reviews after running the festival circuit worldwide. It’s a retro tale told during the summer of 1994. The only notable is Method Man, with Ben Kingsley and Famke Janssen in leading roles. One of those Olsen twins is in it, so that didn’t look good on paper. The director Jonathan Levine made the pretty effective horror thriller All The Boys Love Mandy Lane in 2006 that had more depth than your usual teenage horror, so maybe it might be halfway decent.  There are literally hundreds of direct to DVD graffiti titles every year these days. Most are just home made captures of street bombing or yard raids, but there are also many documentary type films, the most recent was Bomb It. You might have heard about this one awhile back. It features a virtual who’s who of international graff writers, even going back to such icons as Stay High 149, Taki 183, Zephyr, Tracy 168 and T-Kid.  Artwork looks to be designed by Shepard Fairy. Catch up on it via

The British youth film from 2005’s Kidulthood, with it’s contemporary London soundtrack, has spawned a sequel that follows up on the original characters, This time around Adulthood stars UK rapper Plan B in a role and reports are that he’s not got the acting chops needed, but that the film is a decent sequel that once again sets itself within the violent world of East London. Menhaj Huda, who directed the first film has been replaced by the original’s screenwriter Noel Clarke, whom you’d recognise as one of the cast members of the most recent Dr Who series.

If you are of the Atari obsessive/Star Trek/Tolkien kind then you might know about the new film Nerdcore For Life. Examining the world of joining your two favourite genres via the natural evolution of geekdom and hip hop into some bizarre online universe. If you’re a diehard aspirant of either categories then you’d be well aware that the internet spawned a genre of rappers that utilised new technological capabilities. It’s an interesting sub-genre that definitely has its moments, but might be a tad obscure to most worldly citizens. Though I can’t quite believe it has ended up being the subject of a new documentary, the personalities behind the scene might just be entertaining enough to make it worthwhile.  Popular dudes like YTCracker, MC Chris, MC Hawking, those guys who did that funny Hobbit track Lords Of The Rhymes and my favourite The Sucklord. Even the yo-yo/rapper connection that Doctor Poular provides will be included. You didn’t know about this- Whoo hoo. You have a lot to learn young child. It’s raging hardcore at