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Parklife Sydney - 1.10.2006

Author: Nicky Park
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Having been a Parklife virgin until now I was heading into Moore Park not knowing what to expect. I had checked out the map and the line up, both of which blew my skirt up, so was pumped for the big day in Sydney- 1st October. The map indicated rides, massages, jumping castles and even a fortune teller- it seemed that this was to be more than a music festival!

My expectations were high and I was fearful that they would not be met. Boy was I wrong! Walking into the place, the first thing worth mentioning was the efficiency of the security at the entrance.... quick bag checks and we were in!

The event was massive and I was overwhelmed by the action. Glam women and dude like men dominated the crowd. Intermixed with the genuine music lovers were the oddballs who love an excuse to dress up.
Three stages of musical madness entertained the crowds. The air stage had a hip hop feel to it throughout the day with sets from Cut Chemist (familiar to Jurassic 5 fans) and the Beastie Boys very own Mixmaster Mike dominating the day.

For the more dance music inclined the Water Stage and Earth Tent were more appropriate. The likes of Tim Deluxe and Mark Farina graced the stage of the Earth Tent and drew huge crowds. On the Water Stage Mattafix, Midnight Juggernauts gave an outstanding performance.

As the sun set and the air became chilly, many headed for the nearest bar. For those who kicked on and bared the breeze they were rewarded with a fantastic trio of closing acts: Ajax vs Jonathan Wall , Krafty Kuts and to top it all off Who Made Who wound up the day's events.

This event offered so much musical talent as well as a variety of other entertainments to ensure all desires, even for such a huge crowd, were catered for. The only time the size of the crowd was evident was in the line up for the pedal powered porter-loos- not too flash but such is life. You take the good with the bad. The budget conscious food stalls satisfied the hunger needs and all in all it was a sensational day!

As the weather starts to heat up it is the perfect time to get into all things outdoorsy and musical. Book your tix for the next big thing and start saving your pennies for Parklife 2007!