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Blaze Tripp @ We Love Sounds

Tuesday, 13 May 2008
For those who've never seen you play, can you give them some idea of what to expect from your live sets - how does you traditional deck set differ from your laptop performance-

Quite simply, I play music that will force even the quiet kids in the corner to dance. No set is ever the same. For an idea of what I like to play, I've always been a big fan of the French electro/Ed Banger scene (SebastiAn, Justice, etc.) and I absolutely love what some of the locals are doing (Van She Tech, Miami Horror etc.). The fidget (or as I like to call it - wobbly) house scene is blowing up right now too and I've always loved the crazy high-energy party stuff (think Crookers, Herve, etc.) alongside straight up Baltimore party jams. Silly genres aside though... If it has a good bassline and gets people sweaty, I'll play it.

You grabbed people's attention with your DANCE remix, and you'll be playing onside an electro legend in Ed Banger's Mr Oizo at the We Love Sounds pre-party in Brisbane on 30 May - does it all feel a touch surreal-

In the last few weeks/months I've played with Bumblebeez, Bag Raiders, Van She Tech, Drop The Lime, Bang Gang, Munk, etc. and finding out I get to support a living French legend is just the icing on the cake right now. It's also crazy considering Duke Dumont & Bonde Do Role are on the bill too. There's no doubt it will be one crazy night. The last six months have really been a roller coaster ride and I think it's about to get crazier.

What other artists would you like to work with - be it playing alongside or perhaps collaborating production-wise in the future-

My absolute favourite producers right now are Boy 8 Bit and Fake Blood. They are producing both such different and interesting music compared to the formulated & predicable style of most club music. It's my secret goal to somehow get them to Australia and tour with them (hint, hint promoters).

Care to share a few details about your forthcoming EP-

I have a few tracks I am working on at the moment that will be a part of my EP. I am a bit of a perfectionist though which means it's hard to approve my own tracks and I end up in the studio much longer than I expected. At this stage though sometime in the next few months it should all be done and then I'll be getting a few interesting remixers to do their versions too. Keep an eye on my MySpace [profile] for more info as it happens.

WHO: Blaze Tripp
WHAT: Plays Big Guns at Candy's Apartment