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Disko Musique 2000 featuring Eric Rug

Author: Lindy Tan
Sunday, January 1, 1995
Event: Disko Musique 2000 featuring Eric Rug
Reviewer: Lindy Tan
The Score:Well, I must say this event was put on for the glam by the glam. Not content to offer your usual international DJ attraction, Gasp Entertainment had to throw in a 3-course dinner and fashion parade and hold it in one of the most ravishingly attractive venues in town. As for the guest DJ - well, he was not just any house DJ, darling. The DJ of choice was French.

Upon arrival a sticky red heart was slapped on my coat (nice touch!) by a rather giggly receptionist, and I was directed up the stairs to Empire's breathtaking top room. Tonight, the arena was bathed in gorgeous blue and green hues. Candle-lit tables overlooked the sunken marble dancefloor. Multi-coloured projections of models and French words (cliche, quite) were illuminated on the walls. I wore my little red heart on my sleeve as I mingled amongst the crowd - and trust me, you wouldn't want to wear your heart on your sleeve when fraternizing with these people. They were Melbourne's black-clad, snot-nosed elite. Tanned, slim, gorgeous, with the best haircuts I have ever seen in my life. You had to act cool. Very cool. Darrling.

At midnight we were treated to some trashy leopard-skin chic in the form of a fashion parade showcasing the Morgan label. I liked that they had used some real women in the parade (boobs and hips and bums and all) but of course, you had your stick figures too. After that I heard one of the best - if not the best - DJ sets I have ever heard in my life. Expecting Eric Rug (aka Dirty Jesus, Daphreephunkateers) to stick to the trademark classy cruise of French house all night was a mistake. He surprised me with a set incorporating tech-house, vocal and non-vocal tracks, even hip-hop and housey breaks. A new, funked-up minimal house version of Technotronic's "Pump Up the Jam" suddenly shed its 80s cheesiness when dropped by Rug. A track with a Rupaul sound-a-like MCing over the top ("back, front, back, front") was hilarious. When, at closing time, the announcement came on the PA: "You can't leave. We're locking all the doors, and drinks are half price!" there were "yahoos!" all round. As for Rug, his frolicking, exciting set impressed me no end … that man blew me away to China. When he finished, there was only one thing left to say: Merde!