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NRG # 3 - Be Free!

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
Event: NRG #3

Date: 20th May 2000

Post Mortem:

NRG- A place where people can be free, a place where the music fills our soul a place where to people wish to be.

A totally amazing night, and a vibe only an NRG party can create. Shout outs to all the DJ's who blew us away with their crazy mixing, and of course a huge shouts to all the people who where there and made the night so wonderful.

There is no way I can see all the sets for the night, so these are the ones that I saw the most of:

Firstly DJ Fordy!!-

Hammerin, pounding, thumping. I don't think there is any word which can describe the might and power of DJ Fordy!- If he pumped those sounds any harder I believe he would have blown the speakers, HARD-HARD NRG and TRANCE, made everyone fly… That was DJ Fordys last set in Australia for a while, we wish him luck on his adventures and hope he returns back to us sooner than later.

Psy Fi Nasty/Sugar-

After moving away from psy-trance these last couple of years these 2 DJ's have finally brought me back. Psy-fi bringing the best and latest psy-trance from around the world and Sugar playing a classic Sugar set. Well done.


A DJ who will always satisfy and give me my Minimal tip and tek-house needs for the night. "YOU WORK IT!"


Starting off with a hard ass trance set and finishing with the morning tracks we have all grown to love. One of the best sets I have seen this up and coming DJ play, and great to see Scott Alert getting in on the action and adding his own little piece to the pie.


HA!! Some say one of the best of the night, I would nearly agree.
Who ever says Midro is a shit DJ you must be joking, I have never seen the guy concentrating and putting so much effort into a set before. He has some new mixing techniques which will shock all your brain and senses. He was working the crowd hard and even Squidy had some tracks to blow old Midro away, watch out for the new skool as they are "COMING TO GETCHA!.."


DJ Kandyman-

Showing the people in the chill out room that there is no time for chilling out, a great diversity of tracks, old and new, from trance to drum and bass… LOVIN IT!!!. Always a pleasure listening to the Man Kandy in action :)

Well I can commentate on the music, but the vibe is something you have to experience yourself.
All I can say is thank-you for every one of you for making my night one of the best, and thanking a very special lady for making my weekend complete.