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Pleazure #2 - 100% Melbourne

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
The anticipation builds as you reach the "Unknown location". (Later used for Every Picture 19)

A new venue to start a new adventure.

Apparently this warehouse was once an old Toyota Building. With 2 pumping rooms an amazing decked out chill out room and a platform at the back of the main area, this party had perfection written across the flyer.

The Butterfly was the theme of the night and the party was a PLEAZURE....

This is the second installment of MUD's (Melbourne Underground Development) Pleazure series. The last one being held on NYE 1997 @ Global Village. Stepping away from the huge Every Pictures, MUD decided to go a little underground, and what a great idea. The party was so good infact we decided to name our new Toy Hippo- MUD. He has been with us ever since pleasure and now we will not go anywhere without him.

THE FAMILIAR FACES… THE CREAM OF MELBOURNE'S RAVE SCENE was there.. and to bump into and old friend who has been "missing in action" was one of the best highlights of the year. YOU GO OFF DALLAS.

Well the night had just started and already I was having the time of my life. I haven't even got on the dance floor yet. Thinking that F.S.O.M were due to come on I headed to the main arena. Only to find DJ Kandyman on the decks. A bonus in my eyes. Apparently they were running late. Kandyman was mixing up a storm playing an F.S.O.M type set with his own touch of class.

As I ended up missing F.S.O.M's set I decided to check out Will E Tell. He was not his usual self that night. He played a 30 minute segment of "nothingness" I called it, around and around in circles not actually peaking. "Don't cha hate that". But still couldn't get off that floor. Wandering into the second room I decided to check out Jayse Knipe. That tribal tek house stuff really gets me going and before I new it the sun was coming through the roof and lighting up the fluro coloured room.

Finally the morning sets Melbourne hangs out for. Mr Jason Midro. Again I found myself weeping with happiness and emotion as the sun came up and the colours came out of the dark to play. The NRG in that room in the morning was amazing. To look around and watch everyone in the room loving the music, the vibe and of course Midro, this set was one, which sent me straight back to the mornings of Every Picture. FLUFFY, PUMPY, CLASSIC, NEW, NRG DRIVEN, the guy is a star.

Last but not last Cara Caama. Whipping out classics like Green Velvet's "The Stalker" and "Universal Nation" she ended the party with the way it started off. On a great vibe.