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Future Elements - 1.6.2002

Author: L Mc @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, June 20, 2002
On June 1st, Future Elements 02 at Huon Quays proved to me something I'd been wondering ever since I arrived a few months ago…The Rave Scene is alive and well, and quietly thriving within Tasmania. Arriving at about 11.45 I entered the old hall and was instantly impressed with the huge visuals the Future Elements crew had set up. Best of all was the live projection of the decks onto circular sheets either side of the DJ. Local DJ Chris B was punching out some funky beats to the keen groups gathered in anticipation for [love] Tattoo, aka Stephen Allkins, and Ken Cloud. The whole setup was excellent, a nice chill room, plenty of room outside for more chilling (which didn't take long due to Hobart's freezing nights).

By the time [love] tattoo hit the decks, the place was packed, and the whole hall was up for his funked up deep house beats. The dancefloor turned into a semi-moshpit, with keen Hobart ravers throwing their sweaty bodies anywhichway, searching for a groove. The crowd went off when [love] tattoo mixed in the Beastie Boys classic, 'Fight for your right' and again when he thumped out Fat Boy Slim's well-known track, 'Star 69'.

Ken Cloud took over after a very long set by [love] Tattoo, and he punched out a similar taste of deep acid house with funky beats that the Hobart crew devoured with equal enthusiasm. The dancing plant on top of one of the speakers seemed pumped by his beats as well, and danced the night away in style.

It is good to see that the Hobart crew of ravers are fast building Hobart a rep for eager, pumped, capacity crowds that can't get enough… but is that enough for Hobart to be put on the tour track of the big international names- Lets hope so.

- Special Thanks to Dave from Future Elements.
- Photos by Ian Cumming =