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Broken Home Feat Scrambler *live* - 15.10.2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Monday, October 18, 2004

If you have read my reviews in the past you might have realised that I like my breaks just a little tiny bit, especially the tunes that are locally produced here in Melbourne. There is no better way to get your monthly fix than by attending Broken Home. It runs every third Friday of the month down at Brown Alley and is one of my favourite nights to go to at the moment, purely because of their fine selection of featured artists and the great atmosphere.

With Andy Page putting the night on the map last month, the crew followed up with Scrambler - who has been one of the foremost artists in the Melbourne scene for a long time now. After a massive one last month, it seemed that there would have to be something quite miraculous to match that. The same atmosphere continued this time, Keltec greeting people at the door along with smiling door staff. The friendly, down to earth vibe had not left this night.

As I entered the top floor of Brown Alley, Dan Mangan was playing warm-up and was not disappointing. His trademark style of deep and smooth breaks covered every inch of the room and the people in it. I remember distinctly saying that "I feel like I haven't left my living room" as I chilled on the couch with my friends enjoying the tunes. One of the best things about a good club night is feeling comfortable enough to be present in where you are, so that you can really enjoy what you are there to receive. This night was no exception.

As the room started to fill up, and I realised that I was actually at a club night, Scrambler joined the stage to the gusto of the crowd. He began with the most divine intro to a live set that I have heard in a long time and this style continued throughout his set. It left the crowd literally standing in ore, simply enjoying the sound. It has been a while since I have seen a more established and comfortable live electronic artist do his thing and Scrambler really showed his breadth of experience with a very precise sound that made such an impact. It seems that the majority of artists in the electronic world at the moment are compiling their sounds in a very complicated way, which is great as a complex collage of sounds rarely fails an up for it crowd. Yet this was different - the simplicity of the music from Scrambler gave more impact. The individual layers in each grooving tune really got inside you, letting you really feel what was going on at the time. A full set of this intensity left the crowd very satisfied. I must also congratulate the guys on the visual show that ran parallel with Scrambler's set, as it really complemented the music and added to the general atmosphere.

Once again, I had an excellent night at Broken Home. I, as always, recommend you get into this place and let your hair down for an evening of good music and friendly faces so that you might realise that there has been a lot missing from your regular club night. I believe that next month, Spin FX from Tasmania will be gracing our shores for some more excellent breaks and whatever else they may unleash. So a chance to have a new and improved club experience has arisen!