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Broken Home feat Musiq for Pleasure (QLD) - 20.8.2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Friday, August 27, 2004
I remember when I wrote my first review a couple of months ago Broken Home was building into something big and the excitement was building for a night that had one of the best breaks vibes in Melbourne.

It seems now that the three blind geese have very much moved forward presenting their first live act "Musiq for Pleasure" from Queensland. Four years involvement has been good to these guys with their eclectic style of breaks fused with soul, jazz, hip hop and electro being celebrated all over the world.

After climbing the stairs of the Colonial Hotel, I walked into the same thick relaxed atmosphere from the last parties and it was full! Some people take the atmosphere thing for granted but I can tell you that if you're in the clubs a lot it doesn't always happen that way! I think in this case the music is the main part of the formula. Having three of the best in breaks all in the same place on the same night is definitely part of it.

Brewster was treating the punters to his own particular style that he has become so famous for over the years and they were definitely thankful as the floor was rammed with groovers from all walks of life. Tunes like a breaks remix of "Not Many" by Scribe were keeping the dancers moist and ready for the up and coming Queenslanders.

When they arrive don stage they definitely delivered, dropping some great accapellas over their tunes. "Bad" by Michael Jackson and the "My Shorana" remixes were my particular favourites. Are you getting the picture now- A lot of people have a bit of a misconception that breaks not be the future but Broken Home I'm sure is to make sure that this is changed forever. Musiq for Pleasure really did live up to their name and spread the fun for all, enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd were.

As Musiq for Pleasure finished Dan Mangan and Keltec came and made sure that the still hungry crowd went into the morning in proper fashion.

So there you have it check the next instalment of Broken Home if you want to be a part of it you won't be disappointed I certainly wasn't!