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Event Review: Arcane No. 5 - 22.5.2004

Author: Philip Watkins
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
I have been to quite a few small progressive nights over the last few weeks and it really pleases me to say that this was again no exception. I was having a conversation with someone about dance music and where it was going and I was told that DJ Magazine, at the beginning of year, put Melbourne's progressive scene as one of the reasons why dance music wasn't dead. It's nice to be able to say I have been experiencing this first hand.

One of the main themes I have seen of this is the support that young fresh nights are getting. Arcane celebrated its fifth instalment in style, with a full crowd and more importantly a full dance floor. This night is a little different though, for it is not run by those who have the access to the best and most fresh, rather it is run by people who have good taste in the music they love; whether it is a little old or is a little saturated. When any music is programmed well and you get a crowd who are into it then you are assured a good night.

I must also say that I liked the cosy environment it was put in. When you come out of a bar where you have met almost everyone there one time or another, it reminds you of what it is like to just have a clean, good time. Warmed up by Stoddo, with his first set ever, Beloki killing it in between and then having Walter Juan finish the job, these guys are joining the ranks of the seemingly endless amount of people in Melbourne who are putting on ripping club nights for their local crews.

With people wondering where to go to shake their fat onions, I stress again, give these small, local nights a go and you will have trouble not going back as the atmosphere and people are second to none. This could possibly grow into a flourishing scene, which will lead the rest into new pastures!