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Event Review: PQM - NY Block Party - Seven Nightclub

Author: Phil Watkins
Monday, May 17, 2004
Prince Quick Mix - New York Block Party - Seven Nightclub
Friday 14/05/2004

Anyone who attended the Croft Institute for the jump off between our featured artist Prince Quick Mix and Tipper would know that if you attend one of this guy's sets you are going to get taught how East Coast Hip Hop should be played.

The Block Party at Seven, a club which I don't think anybody in clubland hasn't spent "one of those nights at", was going for the true block party flavour with the party sound breezing through the main room. The place was rammed!

I was met by a throng of people as I entered the club, but was surprised immediately by the cross section of the crowd. I guess anyone who has been to a "mainstream" hip hop night would know that the crowd are pretty classy; this was no exception!

Jumping from the word go, the tunes were working everyone into that sexy, grinding style that I love at hip hop nights. But in the end upstairs was where it was at. I will say this now and forever hold my peace; I was struggling to understand why, if you have a slamming hip hop night featuring an international DJ from one of the homes of hip hop and RnB, you would put him upstairs rather than the main room. But I guess the promoters had their reasons and I respect their decision because in the end the cosy atmosphere of the upstairs room was slamming, as cuts from A Tribe called Quest, Nas and Ol'Dirty flowed into each other seamlessly, each mix showing why PQM got his name. I danced from track one to the time I was screaming for one more by the end of it!

With John Course finishing up in the side room with some old schools beats, I really enjoyed the night and look forward to attending some more down the track. True respect though goes out to Prince Quick mix for having to accommodate to a few equipment problems and still coming out with a great ride through twenty years of the hip hop we have all grown to love.