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Family Presents Shapeshifters - 27.11.2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Thursday, December 2, 2004
Shapeshifters take the Family Music Machine to a new level

A hot evening it was as the all to familiar queues outside Seven nightclub grew larger as the Seven Family music machine got ready to play host to Lola's Theme creators Shapeshifters aka Simon Marlin and Max Reich from nocturnal Groove in London.

These guys really are one of the foremost house duos in the world at the moment and it was a pleasure to seem them join the Family night which is, I have heard one of the hardest nights to get into in Melbourne although I'm thinking there probably would be few others that come to mind before this but that's ok.

As I walked in I was shocked to see that the main room just after midnight was empty but hey before you think to soon...the Lounge was packed and jumping and that trademark Seven crowd was getting their groove on just ready for their big night.

The time got close to 1.30 and I went back in the main room to find out what the sort was and it was rammed, the Seven crowd really do like to start late, Anthony Larr was killing it with some deep and funky house but for the first time in awhile the crowd seemed to be a little drab and lifeless, the main room definitely does have a different vibe than the lounge which is a lot more relaxed and fun.

When Shapeshifters came on and Simon dropped his "what is house music" a cappella it's like the robots got turned on and some life flowed forth. It was the music definitely from the word go Simon and Max who were exchanging the record selections for the whole night and taking shots between tunes really lifted the main room system into overdrive and the crowd were loving it, but it took Soul Central's remix of "Strings of Life" to make this club look like it was jacking like screaming teenagers with hands to the sky people forgot what they were wearing and found their dancing styles not to be as embarrassing as they originally thought ! For three hours the guys made it down and dirty without sleep for three days it is amazing to see how these guys can still be so fresh and damaging to such a big crowd. They will definitely be back as Lola's Theme smashed out the walls of the room I think a lot of people house smiles will be plastered on their faces for quite awhile to come.

I would definitely recommend you check out and check what the boys have got coming up next for you house heads!