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Ferry Corsten & Ronald Van Gelderen - 20.11.2004

Author: Adam Kallergis
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Saturday the 20th of November 2004, saw the return to Melbourne of one of the world's most popular and influential DJs. Ferry Corsten, number 5 in this year's DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, made his first visit to Melbourne in over two years, returning to the place of his last performance, the super-club QBH. In what was somewhat of a Dutch invasion, Ferry was joined on tour by fellow Dutchman Ronald van Gelderen.

When the name Ferry Corsten is mentioned, people usually think of one thing… trance music. Whether completing productions under his own name, or under the guise of other pseudonyms such as Gouryella or System F, Ferry Corsten is regarded as one of the pioneer's of the trance sound. However, recent reports from overseas had suggested this undisputed master of trance was beginning to waiver from his trademark uplifting sound, favouring instead a move towards electro. The big question was, how would Australian crowds react to the "new" Ferry sound-

Before commenting on the actual performances from the night, it would be criminal not to take some time to focus on the venue itself. I have long regarded QBH as one of the best nightclubs in Australia (having been to quite a few), but it was not without its problems, particularly when faced with a large crowd. I remember finding it almost impossible to move around the venue during the several large events held there over the past couple of years, with major bottleneck areas near the club's entry and main bar. It was also extremely difficult to see the main stage from the certain sections at the back of the club, with a mezzanine floor towering over the middle of the dance-floor providing a real impediment to viewing.

Walking into the club I had expected to again have to battle through the bottleneck to get to the bar. Taking my first step into the main room, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which I made my way through the club. Getting closer to the centre of the room, the quality of the sound immediately grabbed my attention. The Nexo sound system brought in for the event was working a treat, providing the crispest and clearest sound that I have heard in a club for a very long time.

Having positioned myself in the centre of the speakers and towards the rear of the club, it soon dawned upon me that something was different about this place… but what was it- Hang on just a minute, the mezzanine floor is gone! QBH had undergone quite a major renovation, and the club simply looked amazing. The removal of the mezzanine floor really opened the club up, making it appear a lot bigger, as well as allowing the patrons to move around with greater ease. In fact, it would have to be said that the changes to QBH itself were almost as big a talking point on the night at the performances that followed.

So, with great sound, exceptional lighting and a simply awesome venue, all that was left to make it a perfect night was the music. But could the DJs deliver-

First cab off the rank on the night was Mr Future Entertainment himself, Mark James. Whilst predominantly known as a progressive house DJ, Mark never shies from his love of trance music, and he was in his element during his early set, playing a mix of progressive house and progressive trance tunes, to the ever building crowd. As he has done on so many occasions for some of the world's biggest name DJs, Mark enjoyed another fine performance, and set the tone for the rest of the night.

At 11:30pm Ronald van Gelderen took to the stage, with few punters really knowing what to expect from the Dutchman. Promoted as a progressive/trance producer and DJ, van Gelderen's style actually seemed to favour more of a tough, techno sound, which the crowd also seemed to enjoy. With solid mixing and a great presence behind the decks, Ronald van Gelderen gave an entertaining performance, and provided a great lead-up for the main act.

With the under-card completed, it was time for the main act. It was just after<