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Godskitchen Worldwide 2004 - 2.10.2004

Author: Stewart Rae
Monday, October 11, 2004
What can you say about a dance party like Godskitchen-

With a stellar line-up and the massive amount of hype surrounding the night, you could easily say that it looked like the best rave this year. How on earth do you cover a night like this- I pondered this question whilst in the midst of the massive queue shuffling toward the entrance of the arena. Should I attempt to take in as much as possible- Or should I concentrate on the main arena and take in all the international acts- With massive names like John '00' Flemming, Eddie Halliwell and BK playing, I decided to concentrate on the big-boys and hope that I didn't miss anything too good in the other rooms.

So what can I say about the international's on the night- John '00' Flemming played a tight set full of surprises, with plenty of phenomenal tracks I have never heard played before, and can only assume are fresh out of his studio. Anne Savage's set was plagued by technical problems and while she had her fair share of stuff-ups, generally I think the crowd responded well to her set and her personality behind the decks. Eddie Halliwell was simply breathtaking, he played a technically excellent set of energetic and uplifting tracks and was genuinely enjoying it every bit as much as the crowd. BK was the other massive highlight of the night, playing a different set to what you might have come to expect from the super-star DJ, with a good mix of old and new tunes and a good number of anthems dropped in to keep the crowd going.

I managed to stick my head into the Defected room for a while and was plesently surprised at the general vibe in there and the deep and funky house tunes that echoed around the room. With a different line-up in the main room, I might have been tempted to stay there for most of the night, but for me, it was all about getting back into the main arena for the headliners.

I also managed to catch a few minutes of Jewelz's set, and was genuinely impressed by the hard-edged tunes that she played. Organisers, take heed - this lady seriously deserves some peak-time in the main room of events like this.

On my travels I was even able to blag my way into the VIP room, and I am happy to report that it was dead-boring, a fact that I think confirms that the real action of the night was in the main arena. It would appear that even the organisers, promoters, movers and shakers would rather have been in the middle of it all than sipping Stella in the VIP room.
In a crowd of this size it's easy to lose your mates (as I did - thank God for text messages!) but the good thing about the crowd was that everybody was friendly and approachable and no matter how lost I got, I always seemed to end up meeting quality people that were keen to get to know you (no matter how fleetingly) and have a dance with you.

For a night with so many highlights, there was one disappointment - the queue to get in was a complete joke, there were literally thousands of people queuing to get in when I arrived. Despite this small hiccup, just as I had anticipated, GK was still one of the best and biggest nights I have had out this year.