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NICK SKITZ @ Quest on the Gold Coast. 13/06/2004

Author: The Captain & Scuba Steve
Tuesday, July 6, 2004
Pumping Beats mixed by an old school master.
I'm talking about NICK (Rev me up and shake my ass) Skitz.

It doesn"t seem to matter how many times I see Skitzy, he never fails to make me wet from head to toe. Queen's Birthday Sunday was no exception.
The Venue - QUEST Night Club. A multi level super club here on the Gold Coast with a capacity crowd of a few hundred short of a 1000, it was comfortably packed. Most patrons are over 25, well groomed with
money to play with.

Quest has an out standing lay out, good air conditiong and the vibe is always high. Skitz stepped up to the decks around 1ish, by then all his hardcore followers were well warmed up by the resident DJ ASH TOBIA and no doubt starting to peak.
Right off the bat Skitzy cracked us a high ball sending the crowds hands straight into the air.
With his latest effortlessly remixed Hard House tracks the dance floor was a rash of frenzed tweakers
with no nurse in sight.

His set progessed to a more solid industrial sound before winding up the set with a more transient
feel. All through the night I witnessed an array of fans shouting his praise and shaking his hand. How good to still get admired and given respect for doing what he does best.


I look forward to his next visit to the Coast.