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Private Function #20 - 22.5.2004

Author: Matt Jarvis
Thursday, May 27, 2004
Another PF has come and gone, another Saturday night to remember. Shenanigans to forget and you might as well take a year off my life while you're at it. This was the first party since February and SPorter's legendary performance (well, not if you count last months Bourgie adventure), and the PF crew have shown once again they are a force to be reckoned with.

I arrived to see Aaron on the top floor decks, pumping out the deep goodness he is known and loved for. Resistance D's 'Feel High' was quite welcome, much respect! Good to see so many grins on the dancefloor - PF is well known for its outstanding vibe!

Sean Quinn was getting his groove on downstairs with deep, funky breaks the order of the day; a full dancefloor the result. There's nothing like a cold beer and the bottom floor at Two Floors Up - a match made in heaven if ever there was one.

By all accounts Sasha & Chris Meehan's set was a rockin' one. I'm afraid my tired eyes had forced departure by this time, but a few phone calls and some patched memories later, it was quite apparent the set was enjoyed by all. Both DJs have been a part of the Melbourne scene for long enough, it's good to see them duelling it out again!

Dean and Gav Martin closed the bottom and top floors respectively - I was quite gutted to miss both sets, as Gav is a long time favourite, and always has a bag full of gems to unleash upon the unsuspecting. Dean has been moving from strength to strength lately, and I've no doubt he would have lived up to his name, and rocked on till 5am!

Great to see PF reach another milestone, and with Chris Fortier this Friday, and goodness knows what on the horizon, I'm sure we'll all be seeing, and hearing, a whole lot more! Keep on keeping on guys!