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Richard Earnshaw and Paul Farris

Author: Phil Watkins
Monday, November 22, 2004
Richard Earnshaw and Paul Farris rock the Family Music Machine
Saturday 21 November

Seven nightclub on a Saturday night presents Family for house music love and has been for awhile now, and to be honest if you are seeing yourself as one of the many house heads in our city then you would probably would have had one of those evenings of smiles and groovin'.

This time around it was the turn of the UK house sound to take on the famous lounge at Seven for some soul food, Soulfuric and Defected style. Richard Earnshaw and Paul Farris are two of the biggest figures in house music in Europe at the moment, Richard known for his solid and beautiful house sound and Paul has been a resident at Defected at Ministry of Sound pretty much since its inception which on its own speaks volumes.

As with every Family night, the queue is one of the biggest in Melbourne and its memberships or lists only by the time we get to the front, after we are shuffled through the entrance and into the lounge, the crowd is simply one of the most amazingly dressed people I have ever seen. I have been quoted as saying this before but I honestly think the guys spend longer getting ready than the chicks sometimes but that's just an observation. The stylish and the cooler than you were out in force and the older of these were in the lounge feeling the more soulful and grooving house music. It does take awhile to warm up in the lounge but there you can always be guaranteed of all the tunes you require to get the eyes closed and that sleazy smile going on.

The room was rammed when Richard Earnshaw came on and he started in a smooth, dub house way with some latin energies flowing through. House music when played right can really fill a room well encompassing all in its way and Richard built his set smoothly with not a sniff of a vocal coming until about an hour into his set which was surprising but when he stated dropping them it was over for the lounge. A lot of people find it hard to work out how soulful house can get the crowd into such a frenzy without being quick and hard so to speak but it was done last night with no problems. As soon as the vocals started coming through the microphones for the house massive were on and people all over were singing their hearts out. The ovations came as Richard played his last tune and Paul Farris came on to finish the job. The bass lines started to roll through straight away and I think the crowd couldn't believe their luck, as they were in line to get a second dose of some quality house, UK style.

Positive vibes, booty shaking bass lines and house music is a feeling again!

Okay, I have been noted to question the reasons as to why the bigger name acts have been put in the lounge before as I feel that after bringing them all the way over they should be given the opportunity to play on the biggest system and so on and forth, so they can really show their wares and also so that the lesser educated of the house community to get a taste of what house music is really about. But after this night I am a changed man, keep the main room as separate as possible and let only the ones willing to be there get the vibes. I must say Richard Earnshaw is possibly one of the best house DJs I have seen in quite awhile, he programmed his set so well and keep the crowd well on their toes throughout, once again big ups to Seven for bringing out some more quality house DJs! Check Shapeshifters next week if you can't believe you missed this one but be early for the love!