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Sweetchilli Feat. Anthony Pappa - 17.7.2004

Author: DjMrJ @ tranzfusion
Monday, July 26, 2004
Last Saturday night, saw Anthony Pappa take the decks @ Suzie Q's in Sydney.
It was one of the coldest, windiest and wettest nights in Sydney this winter. However, it didn't seem to keep the crowds at home; Suzie Q's was packed with a crowd of dance freaks set for a Pappa extravaganza.

This world class DJ definitely didn't disappoint as he played a 3 hour set of the latest and greatest progressive house that can be heard anywhere at the moment.

The set started out with a couple of classic tribal drum progressive tracks that set the scene for a classic onslaught of deeper, trancier emotional tracks. This sent the crowd into deep groove mode with constant hands in the air as Pappa layered his music with classic style and enveloped the basslines, which slid into a single rhythm.

You could feel the deep sounds moving the crowd as the floor stomped out with the steps of 300+ mad dance crazed progressive lovers. The breaks of Pappa's set were filled with feeling and emotion, urging the crowd to go deeper and deeper into a dream state as the tracks broke down to introduce the deep tunes. The crowd lapped it up as the tracks built up and exploded with awesome deep basslines that would answer the tunes with smooth architectures and classic vibes.

Pappa kept the crowd screaming for more as he seamlessly mixed from track to track with a barrage of wicked beats and ongoing tunes that lasted the entire way through this 3-hour experience.

The rumour going around was that Pappa was feeling exhausted after a long year where he had played over 200 sets worldwide; but this definitely didn't show as his set had the energy and enthusiasm to match any of the best I've seen.

This guy can really work over a crowd with his intelligent sounding music and the open friendly attitude he radiates as he plays, its as if you know him personally when you look up at him from the dance floor and he gives you a positive friendly smile and a wave of recognition.

Thanks for a great night Anthony; I can't wait to see your next appearance in Sydney.