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EVENT REVIEW: Pharmacy 5th Birthday [Behind Crimson Eyes]

Author: Hayley Over
Friday, September 16, 2005
Saturday 10th September 2005

You know when you arrive at an event at eleven o'clock and the dance floor is already rocking that it's going to be a good night. In many respects the event was faultless. Fantastic atmosphere and everyone ready to party, and party hard, to incredible music. Fans of hard style and hard dance were obviously in their element. It was tough to remove myself from the dancefloor...even when my bladder was in desperate need!

The 9th Insight, with Kaos and LCK played an interesting set, beginning with Eminem's My name is- It was great to hear something different and the crowd really enjoyed it.

Everyone went off to Nick Sentience, particularly when the remix of Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit was played. The dancers and visuals were great at the start. However, the mood in the room changed when the "bondage fairies" too to the stage: two naked dancers wearing sexual toys started mimicking sexual acts. Most people in the room were not impressed. I will admit raving isn't the classiest thing one can do, but this display showed a lack of respect for the crowd. People cheered when they finally left the stage and we were left to enjoy the rest of Nick Sentience's flawless set.

Then came what everyone had been waiting for, Yoji Biomehanika's set. The dance floor was transformed into a mosh pit. I went to have a look from above and people were squashed up against the railing like at a metal concert. It was unbelievable; the back of Metro where people stand and sit was now a dancefloor. Everyone was loving it. Yoji's set was hard and unique. Somehow he even managed to throw in the 80's hit Video Killed the Radio Star, and it worked with people raving to it. The visuals and performance by Yoji were remarkable and if you could see him it didn't matter so much that all you could do was bop.

It would be hard to play a set after Yoji's incredible performance, but Nik Fish did a great job, with the energy level being maintained. Many people left after Yoji played so there was room to finally dance. The people that were left danced hard and it was great to see Hellraiser playing such a good set, with some of the Pharmacy crowd's favourites such as D.R.U.G.S. Everyone receiving the response they deserved. The night finished with Jason Midro and there was still a fair amount of people left on the dancefloor when they turned the lights on.

My one criticism was that the venue was packed to, what felt like, over capacity, yet despite people being hot and sweaty, most remained in good spirits. The security staff were friendly, one of them was even having a groove to Hellraiser's set. The bars on the side of the dancefloor meant you didn't have to fight your way through the crowd to get a drink. They even had larger bottles of water at a reasonable price. Overall it was a great night, and I can't wait until the next event. Well done Pharmacy.