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Martin Solveig teaches the Family Music Machine a lesson

Author: Phil Watkins
Friday, January 21, 2005
Martin Solveig is easily one of the biggest acts of last year, with the biggest album, the biggest tune and the biggest accolades including the "Best set of the Season" at the famous 'Pacha' in Ibiza. After a massive New Year for the house crew in Melbourne, and a massive night planned for all, it was Melbourne's turn to get treated with some of the Solveig magic with the Family crew at Seven nightclub.

This was always going to be a packed crowd and the queues were there to show it. As with all the Family nights, the lounge is the place to be in the early part of the night and this is by far the busiest I have seen it in a long time. The faces in the crowd some familiar some not so; the heat from the day rising as Andy Murphy started to rinse it out for the jumping crew.

As it began to near two in the morning, the main room, already rammed, started to fill as Martin entered the DJ booth. As had been promoted this was to be a world exclusive set which gave Martin his first chance in the world to showcase some of his new album. And from the first tune it was such a fresh new sound, the very same one that had risen the Mixture label to the top of the ladder for most of last year.

With latin beats and those thick African drum lines the crowd was owned. DJs like Martin Solveig are few and far between these days, in my personal opinion, purely due to the fact that even though they are booked for the sound they are famous for, they still play a set with the express intent on making people dance and letting them have fun - no matter what type of music.

DJs who can play music where the styles are unbinding and still have them all form part of the whole for the dance floor are talented and form the true essence of what a DJ is and what they can do for people, with tunes like Cupid Valentino from OutKast to old hip hop classics fused with the Africanism and Mixture tunes of last year and the future, Martin had the place on fire and it was great because even the lesser educated in dance music present on the night felt more part of the dance floor energy when they found themselves dancing to something they knew and liked but in the context they wanted it in. Maybe I take it too seriously, what do you reckon...- ;)

In all seriousness, Seven nightclub really are pulling out the stops this month and the results are showing with bumper up for it crowds and some of the most up front producers behind the decks, I'd tell you to find yourself there pretty soon even next week for some Mousse T...!