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Elementz Presents Total Science - 11.8.2006

Author: Phil Watkins
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Total Science shows the Prince all the Elementz

Drum and Bass is still probably the most underground sound of all the styles of dance music in Melbourne, its surprising though because it has been so well received in other parts of the world.

But all is not lost as the Elementz crew continue to bring out the best drum and bass artists the world has to offer. By bringing out Total Science it doesn't get much better. After their nomination as best drum and bass act at the UK Urban Awards and a new album on the way it seemed like the perfect time to have them over for a back to back DJ set that would go as long as the people were up for it.

The Elementz crew is tight and the good thing about going to a drum and bass party is that you can be sure that everyone is there for the music and there are no taggers. The local drum and bass scene is still very pure, meaning that attendance was good early for the local Operatives duo of JPS and Seven who were rolling things out. Blanco and his partner in crime, Dust, raised the tempo with Trey MC lifting the crowd in typical fashion with the words "Warm up is over " which got the crowd hyped and ready. I was very happy to see the good response to their tunes and the talent that we have in the local scene!

It was time for Total Science to take to the decks and in true style dropped some absolute bombs. The crowd was jumping and numerous rewinds occurred throughout the first hour and a half as each tune lifted from the last. With the crowd dancing and jumping the boys smashed it and although it took two hours for them to swap for the first time it was worth the wait as Total Science's new tune with MC Conrad dropped and everyone lifted their hands in the air for the rewind.

A great night was had by all, and if you have ever enjoyed drum and bass at home and wondered what goes on at the gigs then the next Elementz party is for you with none other than the don, Roni Size, gracing the decks in September.