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Elementz at the Espy - Goldie Rips it Up

Author: Phil Watkins @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, December 7, 2006
Goldie shows the Espy just how it is!

It has been a stella year for the Elementz drum and bass crew. With the likes of Roni Size and the best Drum and Bass has to offer all coming out and smashing it for the Melbourne massive over the course of 2006, it was time to celebrate with a special performance of Goldie at a discounted price as a special Christmas present to all who have shown their support over the year.

With the Gerswhin Room packed by midnight it was Seven who warmed up for the man with the gold teeth and he did a great job of mixing the rollin' northern sound with some of the darker and more aggressive sounds of London, the crowd was suitably warmed when Goldie rocked up on stage with his MC, Lowqui.

I haven't a roar like the one I did when Goldie got on stage: this was going to be a night of some good London style drum and bass. The party really went up a level with the arrival of an MC on stage. With the first rewind coming three hours in, people were starting to wonder what was going on!
Starting with 'It began in Africa' by Bailey, Goldie took awhile to get into his groove but from there it was tune after tune dropping the best of what is coming out of Metalheadz and London town right now together with some classic Metalheadz tunes as only you would expect form the man who runs the label!

By the 3 o'clock finish the tempo was hard and aggressive giving the crowd just what was required before the early finish and continuation to the after party where Goldie was to play some more to those who couldn't get enough.

Big ups to the Elementz crew for another great year of parties may 2007 be another good one!