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James Brown becomes the Godfather of Good Vibrations!

Author: Phil Watkins
Monday, February 13, 2006
When the line up for Good Vibrations was announced this year, everyone couldn't believe that the Godfather of Soul himself James Brown would be gracing the stage at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl, but yes it was confirmed and the rumours were true, time to get some over time in to purchase a place in history by seeing surely one of his final tours.

But that aside James Brown was not by any means the only massive act in a superlative line up this year. With acts like Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Steve Lawler, the Cuban Brothers and DJ Marky all touring as well Good Vibrations definitely had one of their best line-ups to date.

With the sun shining down on over 20,000 people at the Bowl, this was a day to be remembered. In classic festival form with a line-up as strong as it was, decisions had to be made on who to miss and who to see.

My day started off seeing Estelle with her singers and DJ who put on a great show. She really did show her voice well and proved t one and all that she is the best female MC in the UK. I must also give a mention to the Dirty Laundry crew who had the Barcadi bar slamming so much I thought the roof was going to come off!

After seeing the Cuban Brothers end their set in their G Strings to the applause of everyone, I ventured back to the Roots stage that seemed to have the best line up back to back with Talib Kweli and Jean Grae and Katalyst DJing between acts, there was a great vibe there and the people intermittently jumping the fence thought so too! Talib Kweli was just amazing, showing that he is one of the best rappers out on the market and if you haven't picked up the Beautiful Struggle yet then you haven't heard the new face of east coast hip hop. Although Talib killed it, it was Jean Grae who stole the show in the end. I personally have never seen such an aggressive male or female MC in my life and this attitude lifted the crowd's participation with fists in the air throughout the show. Although lovely off stage she was more gangsta than the men on it and proved that she is the best the US has to offer by far in the way of female MCs.

Once the sun began to set on Katalyst rocking the decks, the Nextmen were killing it in the Barcadi Bar with classics and an old school jungle set that raised the roof to finish the set. Form there it was onto to Z Trip the wicked DJ/Producer from NYC who was carving it up. After warming up the crowd it was time for one of the highlights of the day, the entrance of MC Supernatural on stage. This MC has been voted as the best freestyle rapper in the world and all the lyrics he delivers on stage have in fact been spawned from freestyle rapping. Combined with Z trips amazing tricks and beats, Supernatural had the crowd jumping and staring in awe. The finale combined with a song where Supernatural got down into the crowd to do a song called "MC Supernatural can rhyme about anything" where he asked the people in the front row to put an object in the air like a phone and if he touched it during his song then he would have to rap about it. This is the most amazing freestyle display I have ever seen period. Encompassing phones, water bottles and even an asthma pump, I was blown away and to finish with a special encore which was an exclusive track done for the day a hip hop remix of "Land Down Under" which was sung by all.

With Steve Lawler keeping people happy in the Laundry with some slamming house the hallowed appearance by God was getting closer. All this couldn't happen though before catching Lady Kier from Deelite (Yes, the singer of Groove is in the Heart) for her live performance and DJ Set. All I can say is that there were two transexual dancers , alien suits and some weird ass action going on, it kind of had to be seen to be believed, this continued though with a wicked DJ set.

And then it was time! After coming on about half an hour late, James Brown and his band of dancers, players and singers closed the day with a soul special covering