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Big Day Out 2007 - Melbourne - 28.1.2007

Author: Kallin Gross
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
The 2007 Big Day Out line-up, as usual, was as diverse as the 40,000 people whom attended. Most genres of music were on offer, from old classics to new favourites and often some interesting stuff in-between. This year was again at Princess Park, a much more practical venue for such an event. It was much easier to get from one stage to the next which is vital considering each artist only performs for 45minutes, often the time it can take to get to the toilet, let alone a drink! But with perfect sunshine and an array of acts scheduled for the day, this was again, certainly a Big Day Out.

Getting my day started, Scribe re-enforced his popularity in Australia and had the main stage audience's full attention, possibly due to the delightful addition of a band in which he had full crowd involvement, even at those early stages of the day.

Rastaman Luciano has an incredible ability to produce timeless reggae, positively bringing his Rasta spirituality to the LilyWorld punters, who were happy to kick back, enjoy the music…and enjoy the only stage to indulge in a drink!

Possibly aware of her competition, Peaches enticed the crowd with a small dose of the infectious Spank Rock sound, before sinking into her plethora of catchy, shock inducing antics. Upping the ante of her stage show, adding Herms, numerous costumes and flashing crutches, Peaches' in-your-face electro clash yet again amazed the Boiler Room.

The buzz surrounding Spank Rock was extraordinary, despite the disappointment that the man himself did a no-show. Starting out as nothing more than a somewhat boring DJ set, the hype and expectations were becoming questionable. Finally, though MC ArmaniXXX took the reigns and those brutal, innovative, grimy beats linked with their warped lyrical funk began booming. The crowd ever so predictably rocked out to Move On Up and you guessed it... Backyard Betty.

The huge crowd that had gathered around the Hothouse stage for Spank Rock immediately disappeared, strange considering Diplo was up next. Known for his brilliant ability to mix it up for the dance-floor, the funky beats he played this year did not disappoint. Dropping The Clash's Rock The Casbah to Outkast's B.O.B and most things in between, he remained true to his ability to keep the floor rocking and the beats booming.

A definite highlight was birthday boy Afra And The Incredible Beatbox Band. These three beat boxers from Japan proved un-missable and got the LilyWorld party started. Using nothing more than their mouths and microphones the beats were brilliantly layered, the bass was huge and the timing and rhythm was perfect. Performing aptly classics like DJ Cool's Let Me Clear My Throat, this was an intrinsic set of funky old school favourites, combined with an exciting stage show of costumed racing car drivers and celebratory champagne. Beat boxing is truly brilliant and seeing these three together amplified the art-form to a new level.

Lupe Fiasco, the self-proclaimed world famous future of hip-hop, had the masses listening to his refreshing take on positive, laid-back hip-hop. His lyrical timing was second to none, living up to his sudden reputation as hip-hop's best kept secret creating a new fresh standard and great live performance.

Considering The Crystal Method was the Boiler Room's headline act, I was a little disappointed they only performed a DJ set. While the thumping tunes and banging big beats suited and seemed to please the energy of the crowd, they once again proved their legendary status and popularity as the veterans DJs that they are and totally rocked out the finale to this years Big Day Out.

Each year I tell myself that was my last Big Day Out, yet by next January I am sure I will be back, clearly not for the toilet queues or restricted bars, but definitely for the amazing collection