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Stylin' 910

Author: Alyx Gorman
Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Following on from their beautifully shot campaign with Kirsten Dunst,Miu Miu has announced its new star girl is Vanessa Paradis, a model,mother and arguably the luckiest woman in the world (she’s married toJohnny Depp). Paradis is somewhat older than Miu Miu’s usual targets,but her look will go well with the label’s latest, more grown-upcollection. Like the last campaign, the looks will be shot by Mert Alasand Marcus Piggott.

In exciting news for fans of simplicity, cult basics label Bassike has just announced the opening of its online store. The shop, which will launch later this month, features new season finds from the label, as well as classic cuts in a wide range of colours and sizes. Bassike wowed fashionistas a couple of weeks ago when, in an off-site, off-schedule fashion week show, produced by Michelle Jank, they showcased their fabulous new summer range. One shirred leather skirt, unfortunately not yet available, even garnered multiple mentions in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar. For all your Bassike needs, keep watch on

Grab denim have come up with a creative new concept in retail. Working around the theory that “the most common denominators shared by patrons in a bar, come down to a pair of jeans and a relaxed attitude,” Grab has given its retail spaces a boozey, cruisy new look.  Remodelling all its flagship stores to resemble high-class bars, we can assure you the denim is absolutely top shelf.

Why couldn’t Sporty ever look Posh- That was the question Oakley asked top female athletes when developing their sexy new Enduring sunglasses. Made with performance in mind, these fabulous frames – the first ever pair of athletic eyewear designed specifically for women – are specifically fitted to stay firm on your face. But the real selling point of these sport performance sunnies is not just the function; these babies also shake it up in the style stakes. Attractive, edgy and feminine, the Enduring glasses, while they’re no Nicole Richie bug-eyed frames, are fully fashion savvy – which makes them a great choice on and off the field.

We are currently obsessed with an article we found in the Jamaica Observer that details some of the new and “appalling” fashion trends Jamaican teenagers are adopting. We were especially thrilled by the line “Elvis Presley must be turning in his grave at the sight of his signature sideburns being reinvented among our local males with the use of shoe polish.” Jamaican schoolgirls apparently also sport “perfectly polished nails” and, best of all, “rum rams (we don’t know what it means either), mohawks and… the bed room hair wrap”. We can only hope that Australian children pick up some of these trends soon. It will certainly make commuting to work in the mornings a more visually enriched experience.

Ingrid Kesa waxes lyrical on her denim obsession.

Sky-blue or indigo hue, cigarette or drainpipe, classic or customised, jeans are an archetypal wardrobe staple.

A good pair of jeans is like a lover: It can be hard to find The One. It requires extensive shopping around, trying before buying, feedback from friends, lay-bys, refunds or exchanges, awkward situations involving change rooms, and, occasionally, undone flies in public.

Yet when the right pair is moulded to your body and wrapped around your legs in amorous embrace, you feel truly comfortable with, and in them. Once you slip inside, you forget that you’re wearing them at all. Instead of being two separate entities, they are merely an extension of your body – a second skin.

A pair of said pants wields wraithlike power. Take coveted label Superfine, whose jeans transform your thighs, kind of like Chinese binding or Victorian-era corsetry, sans crippling long-term damage, pull on a pair and the flabs of untoned blubber emerging from your torso are now a set of Kate Moss-killer pins. Nudie is also a bearer of great superpowers. The shape of these jeans is designed to morph to accommodate your figure, which means rare calorie-binges can be accounted for, of course.

The preferred pair of pants has been the subject of many controversial campaigns, elevating the humble jean to cult status – who would’ve thought, Levis Strauss- Who could forget the storm surrounding Calvin Klein’s supposed ‘kiddie porn’ campaign- In a similar vein, Lee’s revamp promotion shot by Terry Richardson employed overt Lolita-infused imagery, including thigh-high socks and heart-shaped lollipops. Guess also made its mark in the denim dominion in the 1980s. The signature ultra-sexy black and white advertisements skyrocketed the superstardom of Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, not to mention Anna Nicole Smith.

Like an intimate partner, we become accustomed to the geography of our favourite jeans. A defunct zipper, worn knee-patch, torn pocket, rip or hole, gives a pair of pants personality. These idiosyncrasies and imperfections mirror our own - almost as if our jeans are the fabric of our memories, which is why it can be so hard to let go of a threadbare pair and move on to pastures greener, or denim bluer. We may go through flings with fads, but our true love for denim will never fade… unlike those cheap flares you just bought.


Dollface Opening

The last opening we went to at Somedays Gallery felt more like a game of sardines than an art exhibition (or perhaps the sardine experience was the art-) so, when we arrived for the opening of Dollface to see only two people outside smoking, we were understandably confused. The event was remarkably civilised with room to move, peruse the art and even (gasp) get a drink without risking being crushed or smothered. Cupcakes were littered throughout the room, and, while it’s probably time for people to admit they aren’t the best accompaniment for alcohol, they were sweet in more ways than one. The art too came as a pleasant surprise. It was a series of photographic works digitally manipulated to have a plastic, Barbie feel, and terribly cute. It’s really nice to see art that’s girly without resorting to limpid-eyed Manga clichés.