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Stylin' 911

Author: Alyx Gorman
Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Could Matt Corby, Mischa Barton and half the festival-goers in the country be terrorist sympathising Jihadists- The American right sure seems to think so. In a bizarre, ‘only in America’ story, talk show host, editor and all-round bastion of wholesomeness Rachel Ray was recently accused of fostering terrorism when she wore a fringed, black and white, paisley printed scarf in a (now removed) Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement. The up-cry began because the scarf resembled a keffiyeh – a black and white woven scarf often worn by Arab men. Keffiyeh, which are Palestinian in origin are a huge trend in Australia, although here they are generally referred to as ‘Afghan scarves’. Michelle Malkine, a Fox News commenter and raging neo-con discussed the advertisement on her website: “The keffiyeh … has come to symbolise murderous Palestinian Jihad. Popularised by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant (and not so ignorant) fashion designers, celebrities and left-wing icons.”
We aren’t sure what’s funniest about this story; that Rachel Ray wasn’t actually even wearing a keffiyeh, that Dunkin’ Donuts still pulled the ad or that right-wingers take fashion so seriously.

Glamour gamers can finally reconcile the conflicting aspects of their personality with the announced release of My Fashion Studio for Nintendo DS. The game, targeted at young girls and rated ‘E for Everyone’ will allow players to work their way through the ranks of the fashion industry, going from intern to assistant until they finally run a fashion studio of their own. We wonder if there is a ‘quit halfway through your cadetship and write a libellous, tell-all novel’ mode.

Punk’s fairy godmother Vivienne Westwood is set to ‘dress’ the latest Le
Book. Often called a fashion bible, Le Book acts as a showcase of who’s doing what in the creative, visual industries. Vivienne Westwood will be designing covers and more for the multi-volume tome and is following on from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Yohji Yamamoto. To find out more visit

In exciting news for shoe freaks, this week sees the announcement of two different kinds of limited edition sneakers.
From Puma comes a second release of the much-in-demand Bodé Clyde sneaker. Toned down a little from its loud debut, this sexy sneaker will come in black, white and red colour-ways and retails for $150. For stockists call: 1800 811 511
Not to be outdone, Dunlop is proving their volleys can be exceptional as well as ‘exceptionally average’. They’re releasing pairs in silver, gold and pink satin (perfect for wearing with your eighties prom dress, Lily Allen). For more info visit:


You’ve got to love a tee that makes you giggle. There’s just something about them that instantly ingratiates you to the wearer, and, if the joke’s good enough, you may even recount the top to a friend later. So it’s gold stars for Half Star, who, with their devil-may-care attitude and silly sense of humour are putting the fun back into fashion.
“Our company mission statement is not to bring back ‘cool’ or try to be something we aren’t,” Half Star tell us. “We simply want to make people smile because they got a new t-shirt or saw someone wearing something funny. The more people we can get to smile the better we are doing. We won’t sell out on our ideas and like to keep things stupid.”
What has us smiling right now is not just the humour of the goods they produce (although the ‘Sold My Cat for Heroin’ tee would look pretty hot worn as a dress with a waist coat over it and a fedora on top); it’s also the quality.
Hoodies are enzyme washed for super snuggly softness, have thumbhole sleeves to keep your hands extra-toasty, big deep hoods for hiding on hangover days, and pockets you could park a Mini Miner in. The T-shirts excel; they’re printed on high quality fabric, so there’s none of that sweaty-yucky feeling you sometimes get with print tees.
Already a sponsor of We Love Sounds, Halfstar is selling itself as a label that knows how to have fun, and lots of it. These are clothes you can go out all night in, get sick in and sleep in and still feel some semblance of normal in the morning after.
Only six months old, this is already a label with global ambitions and a conquering spirit. They’ve told Three D that as soon as Sydney falls at their feet, the world is next on their hit list.
Not that this sort of serious business is really serious business:
“The moment you get serious about life is the moment you start dying,” we’re told.
The solution-
“Start fucking with the rules and losing touch with what you think is reality a little... its a lot more fun than being boring.”

Peaches vs Paris

Stupidest name:
Paris – Paris is a very pretty, but somewhat foul smelling city, and as a name it’s common… much like the girl herself. Whitney is an unremarkable middle name and the Hilton bit is inevitable.

Peaches – Peaches Geldof’s full name is Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof.

Winner: Peaches

Most shocking sex scandal:
Paris – Paris Hilton has not one but three (count em!) sex tapes, one of which is so incredibly creepy you just want to scoop her up and take her to a women’s shelter.

Peaches – For Peaches to have a sex scandal, someone would actually have to want to have sex with her first.

Winner: Paris

Best body:
Paris – Paris isn’t as tall as people think she is, despite this she’s managed to maintain a healthy modelling career. Her cup size may be closer to mouthfuls than handfuls, but this makes her look much better in clothes – plus half the first world have seen her naked and she’s still never had a ‘ballooning weight’ special in NW.

Peaches – Peaches, despite barriers like her height (112 cms) and her weight (700kg) has also had a fair bit of success modelling. While the thought of seeing her in high-waisted hot pants ever again makes us feel a little green, it’s really positive that chain stores and magazines are occasionally interested in showing us what ‘average’ looks like.

Winner: Paris

Best Fashion Credentials:

Paris: Paris has appeared in a Christian Dior campaign, designed her own range for Kitson’s and has a range of purses in Japan. She’s a frequent feature on both best and worst dressed lists.

Peaches: Peaches lent her face to Aussie chain store Dotti and has dabbled in design. Her ability to not screw up spectacularly in the style stakes has earned her the dubious accolade of style icon. She has also hosted for a number of fashion related events and shows.

Winner: Neither of them could sell a $4000 handbag.

Recent Trips down-under:
Paris: Last time Paris was in Australia she was promoting a local beer brand and attracting swarms of paparazzi wherever she went. Every regular sun-baker at Bondi has a Paris story, the time before that she hooked up with a Big Brother contestant.

Peaches: Last time Peaches was in town it was to be the face of chain store Dotti. In the space of a couple of weeks she managed to enrage every member of the Australian entertainment press and turned up consistently late to events. She was also seen drinking heavily at the Oxford Art Factory… bonus!

Winner: Paris

Who would win in a caged fighting match-
Paris – Despite time behind bars, Paris still seems as fragile as a porcelain Barbie.

Peaches – Peaches is rough as guts and has the advantage through bulk alone.

Overall winner:
Paris, but not by much.


A new bar recently opened in Sydney. There was no fanfare, no fireworks and no massive, flashy party. That’s because this is a secret bar. It sits anonymously on a Surry Hills backstreet, a mobile number and password written on its door. You text the password to the number and a very attractive waiter comes and gets you. Horribly pretentious yes, but that’s where the pretentiousness stops – the service is fast, the bar staff are knowledgeable and the drinks are delicious, all be it expensive. It’s also half-empty and, after the push and shove of other clubs on a Thursday night, that’s a feature not to be scoffed at.
It’s the perfect place to take a date, or sit with a big group of friends. It feels like the living room of a super-talented host and, if we could regularly afford $12 dollar glasses of wine, it’d be our regular.