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Stylin' 914

Author: Alyx Gorman
Tuesday, 24 June 2008
Those who've claimed that the noughties have no certain style may soon have to bite their tongues as Vogue declares 'the Aggy', to be the decade's definitive haircut. Shorn short and bleached blonde, 'the Aggy' is named for it's leggy champion, supermodel Agyness Dean, AKA: the model who outstripped Miss Moss in the style stakes. Apparently analogous to 'the Rachel' of the nineties (the do Jennifer Aniston's Friends alter-ego sported) both the Rachel and the Aggy have a certain boy appeal. In the case of the Rachel, it's that it is so femme it can diffuse even the manliest of jaws, whereas the Aggy is more embracing of tomboy appeal. Other decade defining haircuts include eighties asymmetry, the long-locks and bangs seventies look, Vidal Sassoon's crop - worn best by sixties star Twiggy, and Marilyn Monroe's peroxide curls.

Pete Wentz probably isn't a man who springs to mind when most people think of style, but the organisers of Chicago Fashion Focus are not most people. The Fall Out Boy frontman has been announced as the face, and champion of the event - a move that is sure to be popular with the lucrative pre-teen fashion market. Judging by the star of the show, emerging trends should include skinny jeans, fedoras Pete Doherty gave up on six months ago and ill fitting T-shirts. Our prediction for most popular beauty trend- Greasy, greasy hair. Mmmm-. so now.   

The tailors of London's Saville Row have just lost a fight with the UK Advertising Standards Authority over the definition of bespoke. While Saville Row's finest argue that the label should be applied only if a garment is wholly hand made, other parties are using the term to refer to made-to-measure garments. While there is a clear and obvious distinction in quality and price, the Authority argued that most modern men wouldn't know the difference. While Saville Row tailors dispute this claim, it seems they fought a loosing battle. Nonetheless, while the name is still synonymous with quality, it's doubtful they'll lose much business from the change in meaning.

Puma are dipping back into their archives again, and this time they've pulled out an old favourite - Hi Tops. These babies scream louder than loud with bright coloured detailing and retro-future styling. They look a little bit like an '80s movie about life in the ghetto- if it were set in space. We love it. The boys get two styles to choose from, the Unlimited Hi and the Ring Hi. The ladies also get a look in, with a girly version of the Unlimited. The Ring Hi retails for $130 while girls and boys' Unlimited versions will set you back $149. For stockists call: 1800 811 511


Ditch the daggy knits and sling some cool leather across your shoulder this cold season. Once reserved for mohawked punk kids and heavily tattooed Hells Angels, leather jackets are making a comeback on the catwalk and resurgence on the streets. Sex appeal goes hand-in-hand with throwing on a hide, potentially unleashing a dominatrix or defiant streak. Whether worn with ripped jeans or LBD's, they can make the timid look tough.

If you're not ready to wholeheartedly embrace the rebellion attached (albeit with a safety pin) to leather, femininity can be retained with a subtle rock n roll twist. The combination of an innocent ballet skirt and a cropped cut results in a juxtaposition that is girly-chic than biker-chick. Such an outfit screams, 'I may be wearing Agent Provocateur lingerie, but I can still kick your arse' - the ultimate in attitude.