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Hell's Kitchen

Author: Jake
Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, the new marketing route for the famous English expletive-ridden chef Gordon Ramsey. The question that I, and surely many fans of the show, have is how can you turn cooking and food service into an enjoyable game aimed at the over twenty market- On this evidence, the answer is you can’t. Key elements of a fun video game – gameplay, graphics and sound – are overlooked in a cynical effort to produce a game with Chef Ramsey's name on it.

“I maintain standards and I strive for perfection. That level of pressure is conveyed in a very bullish way and that's what cooking is all about,” declared the man himself – the quality seal apparently doesn’t extend to cooking games. Unless you consider waiting on and cooking for generic guests, who change only when a level is complete, a rockin’ good time. Even Ramsey’s famously foul mouth has been drastically censored, eliminating what could have been the saving grace of this woeful full game.