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The NL - The Oakenfold Supremacy

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Wednesday, 25 June 2008
3D's Daniel Crichton-Rouse  enjoys the company of uber DJ Paul Oakenfold, the diverse dance icon whose latest credit is music for The Bourne Conspiracy video game, and gets the lowdown on the creative process.

Well, I guess the first question must be how much of a fan of the
Bourne films, are you- We know your track Ready Steady Go was featured in the first film, The Bourne Identity…

I am a very big fan actually, I really enjoyed the films; I thought that each one of them had such a tremendous pace to it. The way that they are edited really keeps you on the edge of your seat, from the first scene to the last. I think they certainly make up one of the best action film series that the film world has seen in quite some time. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on the video game that is set to run alongside the movies.

You performed Falling, the lead track from the video game, live with Cee-Lo and the Florida Classical Symphony at the Winter Music Festival, Miami. How did that go- What was the reception like-
It went over very well. We had a very limited amount of time for everyone to rehearse together, and I was very pleased with the way that it all came together. Everyone on the project did a fantastic job, and we have been getting very positive feedback about the show. I really enjoyed collaborating with Cee-Lo on the track, and adding the orchestral element really gave the song a whole new dimension when we performed it live.

Do you approach writing for video games differently to how you usually write music, since you're writing for someone else's vision, so to speak-
Absolutely - whenever you are writing to picture, there is a lot more to be considered, not just the fact that there is a team of people who have put their hard work into the visuals, but also because you must find the right piece of music to make it authentic for the gamer. I really enjoyed working on this game because the action sequences are so intense, so it was a lot of fun to find the right music to accompany them.

How closely did you work with the game's producers-
They were really great to work with, and gave me a lot of creative freedom with regards to the style of music. It was important for us to be on the same page as we were working on the project, and I always wanted to make sure that I kept their vision in mind when I would go into the studio to work on it.

Did you play the game first before you even attempted to write your music, or did you have ideas in mind from the get go-
When I learned that I was going to be working on the project there were immediately ideas that came to mind as to the direction that it could go in musically. I did look at the screen shots of the video game, and considered the dynamic of the animated character versus the real character in the film, and whilst there are many similarities in the way that I would place the music, because this is a video game, I did use certain tracks that I felt fit specifically with the dynamic of the game.

More and more video game and film soundtracks keep popping up on your discography. What attracts you to writing for these media-

I have always enjoyed the challenge of writing music to picture, it's a large part of the reason why I made the move to Los Angeles some years back. It's a world that I am very interested in, and would like to continue to pursue. I'm really fascinated by the teamwork that is necessary for the success of a film, and it is great to be a part of that.

Finally, what else are you currently working on, aside from trying to complete The Bourne Conspiracy-
I've got quite a lot happening at the moment, I'm currently working on the score for two films that are in post-production, and I have started work on my next artist album, which will be released next year. Things will get really busy at the end of August, when I start my weekly residency at The Palms in Las Vegas.

WHO: Paul Oakenfold
WHAT: The Bourne Conspiracy through Vivendi Games
WHEN: Out now on Xbox360 / PS3