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The Redsunband - The Shiralee

Author: Chris Zajko
Tuesday, 8 July 2008


This long awaited sophomore LP is not a huge departure from their brilliant debut, Peapod. Although perhaps a little catchier this time around, The Shiralee has adhered to the simple recipe laid out in their first offering. Combining guitar, drums, keys and tambourine with smoky, brooding three-part harmonies has once again created a mature and original sound. The three-piece combine an eerie shoegazing presence with a seductive, fragile drone to convey dark and introspective messages often laying dormant within; patiently waiting to be discovered by only the most observant of listeners. Music as sophisticated as this is always a pleasant yet challenging listen. I find myself unable to sit back as a casual onlooker. The music only truly reaches its potential when engaged with by the listener and one searches for meaning independently of outside influence. Feel depressed, feel uplifted, feel empowered, feel confused- just make sure you feel. This album is too rich to just watch it pass you by.