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Joshua Seamless

Sunday, January 1, 1995
Name: Joshua Ardoin
DOB: 28/5/75
From: Ville Platte, LA
I have been living in the UK since September of 96. I am serving in the US Air Force.

How did you get your DJ name-
I would have liked to use my real name, but people have trouble with the correct pronunciation. So I used my first name and Seamless, because that is what I strive for in my mixes.

Started spinning:
Oct of 96.

Play with a crew-
International Grooves Records

Where have you played-
G-club, After-Shocks, Insomnia, Love Parade 99 and various other gigs & raves.

What best describes your sound-
I usually start out with twisted, funky, hard, House which then progresses into Tech House and Breaks.

What have you played that no one has heard yet-
Not sure of the exact titles. I try my best to have a unique sound.

What do you play to get away from it-
Whenever I am stressed, I usually go into the studio, and grab the first record I see. After mixing it up for an hour or so, I am ready for a another day.

What else are you technically proficient with-
Computers, I am certified by Microsoft as a Network Administrator.

Which DJs have influenced you most-
There have been a few. Carl Cox, Eric Da Man, Dj Angelo and Dj Hammer. It is unbelievable how many underground djs are in Europe. These guys are really un- song- heroes.

Which producers have influenced you most-
Daft Punk, Patrick Lindsey, Jan Driver, Timo Mass.

What was your first record as a DJ-
Violet "Burn The Elastic"

Pick five records you'd play any time:
Every record in my collection is worthy of being played. It would have to depend on the mood of the occasion. Here are a couple that come to mind.

1.Patrick Lindsey " Phonk School"
2.Killabite 2
3.Patrick Lindsey "Walking Saw"
4.Mre presents "Body Rock"
5. Renagade Soundwave "The Phantom"

Most favorite moment spinning:
Djing at the Love Parade in Berlin 1999. There were 1.8 million people there last year. It was an unbelievable experience. Everyone was untied under one groove! ! !

Most embarrassing moment spinning:
I had just mixed in my first record when the needle decided to stop tracking. A huge fuzz ball was the culprit.

Got a tape-
"International Grooves"
"The Funky Walk"
"Bringing The Ruckus Vol. 1"

What equipment do you prefer to use-
Technics turn tables a mixer with eq's on each channel and a pc to master on.

What is your ideal setting for your talents-
Any venue with people who are up-for-it. I much rather play for folks who are there for the music and not just the buzz.

Where do you like to play if you can-
Anywhere! I am not that particular. Twilo would be cool.

MIDI knowledgeable- Do you plane on getting into production.
Yes! I am in the process of learning the wonderful world of MIDI. Once I get back to the US, I plan on concentrating on the production side of things.

Anything else-
I am really looking forward to moving back to the US and playing some parties. I also run a record mail order service, if anyone need helps with vinyl give me shout.