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PAUL VAN DYK - Vorsprung DYK Technik

Author: Alias
Sunday, January 1, 1995

I think you could safely say that anyone who has been to a progressive
house or trance club at least once over the past six years would have
heard at least one track from DJ/producer Paul Van Dyk, be it one of his
original compositions, or one of the many remixes he has been
commissioned to complete over his prolific musical career. Vorsprung DYK
Technik is a collection of all Dyk's remixes from 1992 to 1998, compiled
and mixed by the man himself. 33 tracks in all, covering artists as
diverse as New Order, Sven Vath, Humate, Inspiral Carpets, Secret
Knowledge, BT, and Curve. As I am not the...err..., biggest fan of
trance music, many of these remixes are completely new to me, yet they
are rather fresh, creative, and somewhat inspired. Highly unusual
considering the current uninventive state of the house and trance scenes
today, in my eyes anyway. Highlights include the epic remix of Binary
Finary's 1998, the breezy atmospherics of Flaming June, and the
seductive Blue Skies, featuring former porch strummer now dancefloor
diva Tori Amos. In the confines of the mix CD, Van Dyk manages to keep
the energy level high, whilst also changing styles, tempo, texture, and
mood effortlessly.

Beautifully presented in a circular tin box, these three mixed CD's are
an essential purchase for the trance fan; and also, for the uninitiated,
provide a good introduction to Van Dyk's work. Whether or not it is your
preferred music of choice doesn't really matter. When you hear a
pounding drum machine combined with big, dirty, distorted synth lines,
there just isn't anything like it. Lucky for us, Van Dyk has it nailed.