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Coco- Miracles and Dreams Can Come True

Author: Skrufff
Monday, September 3, 2001
As the un-credited singer on Fragma's worldwide smash of 2,000, Toca's Miracle, British singer Coco could easily have been mistaken as just another one- off club bimbo, chopped the moment serious success beckoned. However, her 16 year background in song-writing that's involved stints with Craig David, the Artful Dodger and Spiller magician Rob Davis, is just one aspect of a performer who's brimming with energy, self belief and vision. Signed to major label MCA in the mid 90s before switching to EMI's Positiva in 1997, she spent much of the decade 'under development' only achieving her breakthrough in 2000, courtesy of what started life as an unsolicited cheeky bootleg. That Toca's Miracle first failed when Coco released it under the title I Need A Miracle in 1998 has made no difference to the singer who told Skrufff's Jonty Adderley this week that she'd always be big.

"I've always believed since the age of 5 that I was going to be famous, it was just a matter of time- the only thing I didn't know was when," she said. "I felt this feeling so strongly and knew it was going to happen but I didn't know if it was going to be with that song. I don't believe any of it was luck, I've always believed in fate and making my dreams come true." Her follow up single Take My Advice, an uplifting disco track based on an old Roy Ayers sample, is out in the UK on Monday (September 3rd) on Oyster Records.

Skrufff: It's been 18 months since I Need A Miracle topped the charts, you've got a new label and a new record coming out, is it a new chapter in your career-

Coco: "Definitely. Because Miracle was number 1 for two weeks it brought in loads of work from abroad, so much in fact, that I didn't stop touring until two months ago. I'm still getting bookings because of that song. I've been really busy song-writing too - I've written tracks with the Artful Dodger and also one with the Brand New Heavies called Justify, which will probably be my next single. It is a new chapter for me, and I've got rid of some horrible people from my life that I needed to get rid of."

Skrufff: Is there an album ready to follow up the new single-

Coco: "I've been recording songs for 16 years, so yes, there are plenty of albums there, it's just a question of when they come out. I can't just change direction like that and I've still got the dance vibe inside me. But I've also always been a soul and gospel singer which I think the public will find out later on. There's a lot more there, it just so happens that Fragma remixed an old track of mine and that's what happened."

Skrufff: When did you first hear the original bootleg-

Coco: "It was winter '99 when I first heard it in a club. I remember getting a call from EMI (Positiva) saying they were going to put it out as Coco remixed by Fragma but at the time I had management problems and whoever's fault it was, when I got the record in the post, it said Fragma- Toca's Miracle, with nothing about me. I was shocked because I'd put all the hard work in and had actually been gigging that song for 6 years. Negative things happen in life, but at the same time it was positive because it went to number 1 and it still helped me do my own thing. I've got no problems with the Fragma guys at all."

Skrufff: Virtually everybody who makes a record dreams of it going to number 1, how was it in practise-

Coco: "I remember standing with my back towards a TV camera when I was just about to sing and a tear came in my eye, I felt this overwhelming love and feeling of happiness. It was a relief that you've actually made a dream come true- you've really done it. Nothing will bit that feeling. I also remember Dane Bowers (Posh Spice's collaborator) coming up to me telling me I was going to be number 1 for 3 weeks but I missed it by about 200 copies from Oxide and Neutrino."

Skrufff: You co-wrote Miracle with Rob Davis who also did the Spiller record, what did he do on Miracle-
Coco: "He wrote it and I sang it in my