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Fast: 2 More Italians Doing Trance Better

Author: Skrufff
Saturday, June 23, 2001
Fast are Italian duo Andrea Doria and Alex D'Elia, who've previously released music together as Flat 6 (their last single 'It's Too Late' was an Essential Tune for Pete Tong). Andrea is also one half of Infusion act Atlantis ITA, while Alex is signed to Incentive offshoot IDJ ('Isn't Life Wonderful' being his first release). Their new single Transmission is out now on Cream Records.

"I love the English outlook on music in general, because they still consider 'creativity' as the engine that keeps all the wheels in motion. At the same time they never dismiss the 'underground'." Skrufff's (Italian) team player Benedetta Ferraro chatted to Fast's Andrea Doria this week about the role England has played in transforming the Italian music scene, and his own metamorphosis from obscure unknown to major label priority.

Skrufff: When did Fast really begin-
Fast (Andrea Doria): "Fast it's essentially myself and Alex D'Elia, a very old friend of mine whom I've been collaborating musically with for a few years. We met back in '94 when I used to be a producer for the Italian label Expanded, and he used to be a total dance fanatic, always full of ideas, demos and records to introduce me to. I remember thinking, even back then, that he was such an inspiring character. We specialise in producing trance tracks, since this is the style we've liked for years, and we've been playing it out for years too. You can say that here in Italy we're regarded as pioneers of this genre."

Skrufff: Why has the British music press suddenly taken an interest in you-
Fast (Andrea Doria): "This is a classic case of 'what came first', because in reality I've been a fan of English trance for years and as a DJ I have always preferred playing British tunes. It's funny because for so long I've been trying to push it to Italian labels, who instead thought it was commercially inaccessible until recently. Hence I've been concentrating on the British market, which has proved to me to be more successful. Now that my records are printed by the UK label Cream, they have been taken into consideration by both the Italian market and press. I'm a firm believer that because London is known as the world's fashion, music and trends capital city, it's easier to sell records made in the UK, even if they're not up to scratch."

Skrufff: What goes down well in Italian clubs-
Fast (Andrea Doria): "Well, the marked is divided in two main areas; what we call alternative (standard sound with a strong impact), that's pioneered by DJs such as Mauro Picotto and Mario Piu' and the commercial scene, which is pretty cheesy. Both are very popular with the Italian crowds."

Skrufff: What is your perception of England-
Fast (Andrea Doria): "I love the English outlook on music in general, because they still consider 'creativity' as the engine that keeps all the wheels in motion. At the same time they never dismiss the 'underground'. That's why the music market in England is always fresh, original and innovative. Look at how many different styles of dance music are around over there…and they all pretty much have a following. There's choice. Personally I've been given by Cream the freedom to do what I like with my music, and that's immeasurable."

Skrufff: Has the language ever been an obstacle to you-
Fast (Andrea Doria): "I can understand English well, but I find it difficult to speak. The problem is, either I make records or I learn to speak English. When I'm over there I'd love to be able to express myself, but I find it frustrating when people speak so fast that I miss not just the occasional word, but often entire sentences."
Jonty Adderley