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Canberra heats up in April

Author: Phil Jones
Thursday, April 4, 2002
After what was truely an awesome month for the local scene in March, you could be forgiven for believing that April was going to be one big, long comedown. Far from it and looking further into May and June, the scene here shows no signs of slowing down either.

After a monstor long weekend last week that saw the cream of the crop of Australian electronica get together for Satelite, the upward trend continues straight away with this weekend looking like an absolute corker! Firtsly, the Friction and Fuse lads have teamed up to bring 'Fusion' at Lot 33 on Friday, bringing from Sydney one of Australia's top House jocks and Fuzzy founder, Johnathon Wall. Looks to be quite a good night with the usual Fuse and Friction suspects providing the more than capable support.

Sticking with Friday, and moving from Kingston to Manuka, and the Powerhouse crew get back into the swing of things with the latest in their monthly installments, Powerhouse 3 at Habana. Regular Powerhouse DJs Ken Jensen, DJ Happy, James Livingstone, Ladychoon, DJ Pass will provide the soundtrack of all things fast and furious. This is as good as Hard House and Trance in the ACT gets, so if that's you're thing, then that's where you should be.

Moving into the City and Club Mombasa are hosting an event which has not stopped grabing my attention since the idea was discussed a couple of months back. Called 'Mass Sound System', the idea is to get most, if not all, of Canberra's DJs, give them 5 minute sets to mix two tracks, and put them on one after the other. Interesting concept, and it'll be interesting to see how it comes together. One definatly worth checking out.

Moving onto Saturday and Canberra's regular dose of all things Hip-Hop takes place again. 'Beats 2 the Rhyme has been a staple part of the scene for a few years now, and these guys never disappoint. It's on at the Aree Bar in the City, and, at only $5, will be excellent value for money.

MJ Cole is the latest to grace the 'Back to Mine' cd series, and the Canberra launch party will take place on Saturday at Hippo in the city with the soundtrack to be provided by Canberra deep house supremo, Ashley Feraude.

April 12th sees the latest in the 'el-e-men-tal' series taking place at Habana in Manuka. This time around sees ex-Sabotage DJ Sugar Ray make the trip from Sydney along with the usual suspects and should be well worth the trip out. I urge everyone to attend elemental, as the nights are high quality and great value for money. See you all there.

Fuse returns on Saturday April 13 to the Aree Bar and at the costs of $5, is one of the better nights around. Expect deep progressive and darker tech, an awesome vibe for such a small venue and some of Canberra's best jocks. Should be good.

April 20th sees the next installment of Friction at Habana, this time the lads celebrating their first birthday and their not pulling any punches either, with one of the best line-ups to visit Canberra in some time: Ben Korbel (Sydney), Jumping Jack (Sydney), Rackus (Sydney), Kid Kenobi (Sydney), Arcane, Mikah Freeman , Milkbar Nick, Nash T, Archie, Anjay, Typhonic and Curtis. Bit pricey at $25, but should be well worth it and one of the dates to put a big red circle around in your diary.

The month finishes off in style with moneyspent putting on 'Technique' at Lot 33, bringing to Canberra a great talent in Mark Walton. Another night not to be missed.

But if you thought April was looking good, wait until you hear what's coming around the corner. Without going into too many details, the Canberra scene is looking strong with people such as Mark James, Lucien Foort, John Creamer, Infusion and Jason Bye among others coming to town over the coming months.

Till then,

Phil Jones