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Nubreed vs Phil K

Author: Well @ TranZfusion
Thursday, October 3, 2002

Having watched Timo Maas whip the packed crowd into a mad frenzy, I started to think that night had reached its pinnacle and that I was on the homeward stretch, time to unwind, relax and head for the hills. With the thoughts of a nice hot bath already in my head, I started to think that my nice comfy bed was the only place for me. Scanning the bill one last time, I noticed that Nubreed and Phil K were playing together on one of the outside stages. Considering I virtually had to pass by there to get out, I thought there would be no harm in stopping for few minutes and checking them out.

Unfortunately there was harm!! What was meant to be a couple of minutes turned into 90, and what was meant to be a bit of blase look turned into a mesmerizing and captivating performance, that I still talk about to this day. See individually both Nubreed and Phil K are dynamic, but together they are absolutely amazing.

That was Two Tribes 2001 when Nubreed and Phil K first teamed up to blow the audience away. Since then it's something pretty special to see what these guys have achieved individually as well as collectively.

In 2001 Phil K won "Best Radio Show" and "Best Compilation" for Sound Not Scene in the Australian Dance Music Awards. Ministry Magazine nominated him as one of the top 25 most influential people in the Australian dance music industry. On top of this he has new mixed CD 'Balance 004" coming out later this month.

Nubreed (Jase (Jason Catherine), Mykel (Michael Walburgh) and Db (Danny Bonnici)) have come from virtually nowhere to be arguably one of the hottest acts going around. They have just signed a record deal with Mob Records a label run by breaks heavyweight Tayo Popoola. With the first single "Ionosphere / Beats N Rhymes" already out and the second single "Satellites / Xenomorph" to be released in mid October, the talk of a full-length album release can't be faraway. For both acts the future looks bright.

Fortunately for TranZfusion, both Nubreed (Danny) and Phil K have taken time out of their busy schedules to have a chat with us, and prepare us for their forthcoming aural assault at Seven Nightclub this Friday.

TranZfusion: Firstly, its worthwhile asking how this double act came about-

Phil K: Well it all started at the gig you mentioned earlier…NuBreed were booked to play but were missing Mykel who was in the US so instead of not play we decided to put together an improvised DJ/live performance.

TranZfusion: When you guys get together it's always a real show, what tricks have got up your sleeves for us this time round-

Phil K: I don't think its about tricks…its basically about musical ideas…sometimes taking tracks people know and twisting them into something new…sometimes taking a NuBreed track and changing it to suit the show…. whatever feels right I suppose…. and its gotta flow like a DJ set.

Danny: Some more drum n bass (haven't done that for awhile), some brand new NuBreed material and Phil's got a new FX unit.

TranZfusion: We will be entertained with live vocals, live keyboards, live effects, samplers and live sequencing, combined with Phil K ripping it up on the decks and on his Pioneer CDJ. With all these elements combined there could be a million and one things that could go wrong, with this in mind how much rehearsal goes into something like this-

Phil K: We rehearse for about a week for each new show…. For example this weeks show will be brand new so it will take a week of rehearsing…we will be doing the show again in a few weeks at Indy car so for that one it will probably be a day of refreshing.

TranZfusion; Phil, you have the honor of being perceived as one of if the not the best DJ going around Melbourne at the moment, with many people considering you as a bit benchmark. Is something like that a real honor or just added pressure for you-

Phil K: Be