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In a Bionikworld

Author: michelle pirovich
Friday, February 14, 2003
The dictionary definition of bionic is 'having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by electronic or electromechanical devices.' With Cubase Sx, an Mpc2000 and a cattle prod, producers Caine and T-rek have propelled themselves into a land of 'nu filth funk'n electro disco dirge.' Welcome to Bionikworld.

With ten years of live experience between them Bionikworld are an electronic production duo who are unashamedly proactive in creating and performing their own unique style of electro. 'Live performance is a major part of what we are about, 100% LIVE. No dats - no cds - no fakin' the funk' says Caine.

Continually exploring territories that others may not venture into, Caine and T-rek are meticulous producers who are understandably protective of their creations. 'We are both musical nazis and control freaks. There is no way we would let any one else touch our pieces... or music.'

Caine tells me that 'melody, rhythm and attitude make a good track.' In theory that seems simple enough, but its how effectively these elements are put together that makes all the difference. Both T-rek and Caine are classically trained, with the ability to play several musical instruments, and when combined with their own bent take on how things should sound, it puts them at an added advantage both in the studio and on the stage.

'I think we have a different approach to making electronic music as we both played in indie rock bands in the past. Being able to play instruments means we don't have to rely on sampling to write our tunes. I think having musical backgrounds sets us apart from a lot of other producers who may only have DJ skills.'

The marriage between rock and electronica is still in its infancy, with many remaining hesitant to explore the relationship. That's not to say of course that you won't succeed as an electronic artist if you only explore the realms of electronica. Both Caine and T-rek come from the other side of the tracks and although Caine doesn't consider it vital to work with other genres of music he does raise a vital point. 'We both feel it's important to judge music on its individual merit. Not on its genre. We both like many different styles of music.'

With Caine taking care of the samples, synths n' tweaks, and T-rek being responsible for decks, FX n' theremin, Bionikworld's morphed mix of sounds old and new have found the pair on remix duty for rock and electronic acts 'Something for Kate', 'Hamish' and 'Pre-Shrunk.'

The momentum has been picking up of late for Bionikworld, having recently had publishing signed to Sony/ATV; it was a journey that was most difficult and well deserved. 'Its taken a lot of hard work to get to the point we're at, 1000s of hours in the studio and a lot of frustration.'

There is a debut album on the way as well. 'It covers a diverse range of styles from hip hop to filthy house, and we're getting pretty close to finishing it. Rubber records are releasing it here and we're currently negotiating with some overseas labels for licensing and distribution. We've been working on it for the last year at our studio in Melbourne.'

Performing live this Saturday at Got Funk- Bionikworld like many a live act, stumble across the same hurdles time after time. 'The biggest difficulty is lack of venues and events for live local talent. It is hard to get gigs at a lot of clubs and parties playing original music. A DJ spinning favourites is always less risk.'

I put the question to Caine that if there were to be no more live gigs for Bionikworld what would they spend their time doing. 'I' d snowboard as much as possible, and T-rek would finish his degree in Proctology' laughs Caine.

I can think of worse things to do, but with a 'dose of phat, filthy, booty shaking grooves' ready to be served up at Got Funk- this weekend, I think Bionikworld will be around for a while yet.

Bionikworld play 100% LIVE at Got Funk- Saturday 15 February 2003 at B407 - Basement of<