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PDT - One Massive Step at a Time

Author: Aaron Roach
Monday, October 6, 2003
Not too long ago, the hard, furious sound of minimal techno was among the forefront of genres Melbourne had to offer. More than a handful of clubs were specialising in the darker side of electronica and on more than a few occasions we had the stalwarts gracing our shores more frequently than any other genre could offer.

These days, however, it's become a highly acquired taste, and while we still see the forums around the nation spreading the techno gospel, the magnitude and power of the sound has gone underground.

Fortunately for the enthusiast, we still have collectives around town that cater to the minimal needs and one those people still aiming at being a part of the forefront is Peter Daris, known to most as DJ PDT, co-founder of Melbourne Techno Massive.
With commitments to major production groups and a tour of NZ in the coming months, PDT is showing that not all is lost on the minimal front.

What better way to start than to ask him the obvious, where did it all start-

"Ever since I was young I've always had an interest in music. What astounded me was the ability to make the music flow and the first time I ever heard this, I knew I had to learn more. I was about 11 at the time when I started to take notice of electronic sounds and during this time I listened very closely to "megamixes" and how they were able to take portions of tracks and combine them with other portions."

"Later, I took particular interest in live broadcasts from clubs and raves and while taking note of the flow of sounds, I also noticed the effect this had on an audience and it was then that I decided I had to take up DJ'ing. I wanted to be able to be in control of people's emotions and what better way to have that ability than through music itself."

With an extensive background of nine years in mobile DJ'ing, small gigs and the occasional main event, PDT has always had a love affair with the darker sounds of the electronic genre. How does one keep a driving enthusiasm for a sound that many disregard- PDT explains.

"Having such a strong passion for techno, I knew if I kept at it, I would find myself around others who share the same passion. It was only a matter of time before people realised why they fell in love with techno in the first place. I think after so many years of being exposed to it, techno was just taken for granted and therefore the "godfathers" of the sound decided it was time to let it go."

"What they didn't realise is that their efforts in nurturing the sound also nurtured a new breed of talent who would eventually take on the responsibility of keeping it all alive. Tomorrow the same thing will happen and that's the beauty of it all. Like a family name, music evolves around the same cycle."

Still only 24, PDT's managed to gain a solid reputation as a man who performs well under pressure in most circumstances. With a big reputation to live up to, how does it help him succeed within the Melbourne scene- PDT puts it down to hard work and being around like-minded people.

"I think it was always about "giving them what they wanted." I guess I simplify things to the point where I don't want to be seen as some traffic light, where what I say goes. Through my experience, both in DJ'ing and in business, you really need to focus on what you set out to achieve, otherwise you end up riding a rocket to nowhere. It's also a great help to have like-minded people around me as their influence also reflects on my ability to perform. It's very hard to constantly remain fresh and interesting and it's even harder to keep everyone happy. As long as your efforts are quite noticeable and your actions are having an effect to a minority, the majorities are really given an option to either listen or ignore. You'd find that in most cases the majority would listen."

PDT's new venture, Melbourne Techno Massive, is currently receiving wide support from a host of groups around town. He explains the concept behind the new crew on t