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TranZfusion Celebrating 8 years - Part Two

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, September 25, 2003
Back in 1995 when David Duchovny and aliens were considered cool, TranZfusion (originally called 'Sonic Confusion') emerged as the first online dance music site in the Southern Hemisphere.

Designed in deep space black with futuristic fonts, menacing but approachable aliens found themselves a place to exist within the DJ Mixes, latest news and message board. This was the home to underground dance.

"TranZfusion were the first crew to broadcast live from major dance events in the Southern Hemisphere, including Hardware, MUD, Acid Reign, Innovator, Kiss FM and Hitz FM" says Derrick, founder and creator of TranZfusion, "and we still have most of these in our archives."

In July 2000, TranZfusion became the number 1 music website in Australia (hitwise), beating Channel V, Sony, Sanity, Chaos Music and Take 40, and all with no marketing or promotion, just through word of mouth from a loyal and dedicated community of supporters.

In 2001 TranZfusion took on the electric blue and fluoro yellow approach, readability obviously not too much of a concern, as everyone was too busy listening to personally recorded sets from PVD, and buying up on 'Unreasonable Behaviour' from Laurent Garnier at AUS $29, and 'Tall Paul Duty Free' at AUS $15.

2002 and TranZfusion emerged as we see it today, and it was here that the level of content exploded to include reviews, news, feature interviews, free downloads and photos from the dance floor, and people were streaming over 22,000 mixes a month!!!

The decision to transform TranZfusion yet again came after the desire arose to make the TranZfusion the ultimate online electronic music experience. With Matt Auld in charge of design, Stuart Campbell looking after the illustrations and Derrick taking care of the back end, we are confident that we have done just that.

Without giving anything away, TranZfusion V4 is steps ahead of the rest, its slick, vibrant, easy to navigate through, but still has that feel good vibe that you will only find on TranZfusion...

and just to prove that some things will never change I managed to find this forum post from July 27, 2001.

4 Cheers for Derrick
Posted 7/27/2001 1:13:48 PM

A big well done and thankyou goes out to derrick for all his hard work on TranZfusion. Many of you may not know but Derrick runs tranZfusion as a hobby on top of his regular job/life. He is absolutely amazing -- and us fringe dwellers owe him all the respect that he can get. Nice Work Brother.

Posted 7/27/2001 4:48:16 PM

Will be rocking with you all into the future :o)

Posted 7/29/2001 1:05:13 AM

yeah... he's aight i guess...:P

TranZfusion V4 will be unveiled on the morning of Friday October 10

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