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Yoji Biomehanika Interview

Author: Hayley Over
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Five years ago a unique party erupted in Melbourne. It was harder and dirtier than anyone could have ever imagined. A legacy had begun. One that would see some of the world's most inimitable and infamous DJs and live acts take Melbourne prisoner and release it only when it screamed loud enough. Marco V, Dj Scot Project, Proteus, Lab 4 and Ben Sims left us without voices for weeks. The tradition is set to continue when Yoji Biomehanika headlines Pharmacy's fifth birthday celebrations.

Yoji Biomehanika doesn't follow the rules, he creates them. Japan's number one DJ, Yoji has achieved superstar status in his country and around the world. It is his unique and original style, as well as his animated performance, that makes him so popular.
Yoji is one DJ who has worked for his fame, being in the industry more than twenty years and he has a long list of achievements. In 2004 he was voted number 33 in the UK Top 100 DJs, showing how truly international the electronic music industry has become. He headlines major music festivals like Global Gathering and Sensation Black. His nightclubs Giga and Ultra Pumpin are a favourite for Japanese locals and tourists alike.

However it is none of these achievements that Yoji sees as his biggest musical accomplishment, but instead states proudly,"To have a musical style that is considered unique by my fans." And unique it is. Yoji's music could be seen as a continuous revolution. Australian crowds can expect to hear some old favourites, such as Ding A Ling and Theme From Banginglobe, but Yoji warns they must also be prepared to hear a progression in his style.
Yoji's latest releases have included 'Tales from the Bigroom' and 'Yoji Biomehanika Monochroma Remixes' which includes remixes from Scot Project. Undoubtedly a futurist in nature, Yoji believes that his "newest compilations feel like the best ones", and this will surely be reflected in the music he affords the Pharmacy crowd.

Australian audiences should also be prepared for what Yoji is most famous, or should we say infamous for: his performance. His drive and energy on the stage are part of what has made him renowned on the dance scene. It is a force beyond description that Yoji projects to his crowds, sending them insane. He sees this as an essential aspect of his sets. "The crowd's reaction is the life of the party," Yoji affirms. "I give the crowd energy, and the crowd give it back. That's how it works!"

And work it has for Yoji, currently touring an enormous 10 months of the year and thrilled to be spreading his style of music around the globe. Yoji is someone who continually pushes the boundaries and this will see him playing in a lot of new territory. He is also strongly focused on producing, but when asked to expand his response is a cryptic, "I have a lot of new ideas which need to be made into reality."

Giving fans a small taste of what is to come, Yoji reveals he has plans in the very near future to do some remix swapping with Johan Gielen and Yves De Rwyteur. Keenly focused on personal growth and self development, Yoji has aspirations to write music scores for motion pictures.

However, Yoji is the first to admit that the spread of electronic music around the world has taken him by surprise, and one that he is continually thankful for. "Twenty years ago few dreamed that electronic music would get to where it is today," remembers Yoji. "I am happy to be part of this cultural revolution."

It is said that Yoji is an enigma in the dance music world. One that can only be truly appreciated when he is banging out the tracks in front of you. Once you have seen him in person the reason why is so loved and respected is apparent. Yoji will ensure that Pharmacy's fifth birthday celebrations are certainly something to remember.

Yoji Biomehanika plays Pharmacy's 5th Birthday @ The Metro on Saturday 10th of September.He joins a huge lineup that includes Nick Sentience,Steve Rachmad, Nik '007' Fish<