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Moonbootica interview: That's One Small Step for gerMAN...

Author: Stuart Evans
Sunday, April 2, 2006

Listen was the track that brought German duo Moonbootica to DJs' turntables, switching on mass listeners with their soft, vocal inspired piece of house music (Listen was built on a track called I'll Always Love You from '80s strangers Imagination.) Since Listen was first released the duo has made a name for themselves across the clubbing spectrum with a collection of highly sought after and played releases and remixes. Moonbotica are two German party DJs on a mission. In fact, they are two musicians and producers who normally go by the names of Tobitob and KoweSix, both of which are known for challenging musical minds and "bigging up themselves".

They've been compared to Scottish sensation Mylo, which may or may not be a good thing, but is mainly due to their infused style of breaks, electro and house. They've seen themselves compared with the best. "Comparisons are always hard," explains Kowie.

"Mylo's Drop The Pressure was a worldwide hit but that doesn't happen all that often. The album Mylo did wasn't that bad, so I guess there's a comparison to be made in there somewhere." His answer may sound vague but he explains that he's just returned from vacation in California and has crammed 17 gigs into a four week period. He then adds that his native Germany was recently thrashed 4-1 against Italy in a soccer match. It's been a hectic few weeks. "The result was a disaster," he laments.

"And I'm completely burnt out. I know I'm coming to Australia but that's all I know. I don't have a clue about what I'm doing in Australia at the moment."

When they originally started DJing many of their German counterparts were exploring different avenues of house music, but they stuck to what they believed in and ventured in the furthest opposite direction that music could take them. He says that they didn't care about what other German producers were doing and felt that they could do whatever they pleased. "Because we weren't part of the scene, we weren't connected with anything, more we just felt something in us and pursued it. Luckily, we had enough people interested in what we were doing to now make it a success."

He's being modest when he says they were lucky that people were interested in their music. Confidence, ability and talent all play a crucial part but luck is something normally earned. Much like their remixes and productions, their club sets have been described as 'exciting and relentless'. But you can't help wonder if this is all talk or if there really is a point of difference over the mediocrity that can be displayed.

"We're two people, and when people come to see us in the clubs they see two people who don't care about styles. We enjoy what we do and don't just stand there playing CDs, waiting to go back to the hotel."

Moonbootica may not ring a proverbial bell but their remixes have appeared all over. They've remixed for The Boogie Pimps (on the track Somebody To Love) and have also remixed for Planet Funk, Mousse T and Richard Dorfmeister. Australia is their temporary home as they play Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to promote their self-titled debut album.

The album has been a slow process, but for Kowie it's just the way he wanted it. "I didn't want to make another DJ album. They tend to be full of two or three good songs, with the rest of the tracks just fillers."

But is he happy with the end result- "I love it, it's the best in the world," he laughs. "Because we started recording it a few years ago we were able to add bits and pieces. I had a little time on my side but it's more than a dance album. It's something which you can listen to at any time of the day."